Using java to operate redis

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using java operate redis

1、 establish maven java engineering

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2、 Add dependency

stay <dependencies> Add under label jedis Dependence and fastjson rely on

<!--jedis rely on -->
<!--fastjson rely on -->

3、 establish Jedis object

public class AppTest {

public void test(){

/* host:ip Address port: Port number */
Jedis jedis = new Jedis("",6379);
//ping redis The server Returns if the connection is successful pong
String returnMessage =;
// Save the data 
// Take the data 
String name = jedis.get("name");
String age = jedis.get("age");

4、 start-up redis service

redis-server redis6379.conf & // start-up redis service
systemctl stop firewalld // Turn off firewall

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5、 test

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