Oracle computer textual research

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oracle textual research


Oracle Certification (Oracle) It is a certification examination based on database management :( Of course, JAVA Equal branch )
Oracle The subject of certification is the company DBA, That is, people who are engaged in professional database management .
Oracle The certification system is also divided into OCA、OCP( Experts )、OCM( The master ) Level three , It is said in the industry that the starting salary 30 The rumors of Wan also mostly refer to Oracle. We can acquiesce to Oracle Is the best structured database , But it's not the only one , also IBM Of DB2、 The old hot sybase、 In the limelight MySQL wait . In addition, with the rapid development of big data and distributed , The development trend of unstructured database in recent years is unstoppable . Anyway, if you want to do DBA, So long, please start from Oracle Get started .

 Soft test and red hat 、 Which certification such as Oracle is more meaningful ?


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