To what extent can Java learn to find a job?

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extent java learn job

Now many people want to change careers and study Java, Only one reason , Want to get a higher salary . And it is , In most jobs, the salary of programmers is really high , And the rising space of the industry will be relatively large , There are more entrepreneurial opportunities .

Java The salary distribution of programmers is like this , According to my experience in this industry , I think most Java The salary of programmers can certainly reach 2W, It's just a matter of time , And if you want to surpass 2W, It's just a ridge . Some excellent people may become architects or project managers , There's no problem getting an annual salary of $4.5 million . And in some second and third tier small cities , The salary is probably 10K-15K It's capped . So in terms of income ,Java Programmers earn more than other industries , Still very impressive .

Study Java The crowd is nothing more than these :

The first one is : Itself is to study computer major , But what I learned in school is old , It's hard to apply to enterprise development .

The second kind : Students of other majors , Because it is difficult to find a job in this major or the salary is low, the development prospect is not good , So choose to learn Java software development .

The third kind of : Already working in society , Want to use your spare time to study Java technology .

Why can't many people learn Java Or we can't find Java The job of ?

learn Java Of course, there are many , But the abandonment rate is very high , What's the reason why I can't find a job even after finishing my studies ? Personally, I think there are two main reasons :

The first point : I don't have a strong desire to be in this industry , It's just a random try , If you can learn to do , If you can't learn, you can't do .

Second point : The main reason is that I can't find my way , I don't know how to learn at all , The method is not right , Completely in a state of confusion , There is no professional guidance in the process of learning , It's all about learning by yourself .

For the first question , The advice for you is , Programming is not that easy to learn , Because after learning, it will bring us a great return , So we can't learn by trying , Many people value the high salary of their friends , So I want to . But at this time, we have to think about how much others have paid , If you can't give so much , Then you won't get . So I hope you can have a good learning attitude in this aspect , If you're not going to put in a lot of energy to learn , Try not to start , So we must think about whether we want to engage in the Internet industry in the future .

For the second question, I'd like to give you some suggestions :

1. We're just beginning to dabble in an unknown industry , I'm ignorant of this industry , Want to work in this industry , At least you need to know something about the industry , You should know the job demand and salary of your city .

2. Be clear about how much you should learn to reach the level of employment , Many people don't know what skills they should learn to get employed , You start learning without a brain , There's no goal at all . So it is suggested that you should know what level you should reach before you can go out and look for a job .

3. Because I don't know much about this industry , So as a beginner , It's necessary to hang out with experienced people , Some of their suggestions can really save you a lot of detours . A lot of times, you can't understand a problem yourself , And experienced people may understand immediately by clicking you . Therefore, it is suggested that people who are just beginning to learn should not learn blindly by themselves , Find some experienced people to communicate with , So you can learn a lot about the industry .

4. *** , And two or more people studying together will form a good atmosphere , Can supervise and compare with each other , And can answer each other's questions . However, it is difficult to find like-minded people in learning , If you study alone , I feel very boring and have no perseverance .

Question on whether to attend the training course ?

The suggestion I give you here is to choose according to your actual situation , Because everyone's situation is different , Only what suits you best is the best . There are great risks in participating in short-term accelerated training courses , So we must have a clear understanding of ourselves , Self evaluate your learning ability ? If your learning ability is not very strong , I'm afraid it's hard to keep up with the cramming teaching of the training class in the short term . Many people choose training because they think there must be a job after training , You must not believe what the training institution told you about employment , It's all bluffing . Training is just a way to learn , It's not a platform for you to find a job , Some people who can't find a job after training are here . So I suggest that you study while working , One day 4-6 An hour is enough . If economic conditions permit , It is suggested to find a tutor online , Guide you in the early stage , When you have questions you can't answer and explain to you , This can greatly improve your learning efficiency .

I touch Java For many years , In the future, everyone is interested in learning Java If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me , For example, about Java Learning methods of 、 How can I improve my learning efficiency 、 I feel that I am confused and have entered a misunderstanding 、 How to reach the level of employment and a series of doubts , You can always ask me , I will try my best to help you solve your problems when I am not busy at work .

I suggest you choose Java Try to choose the latest version of the video tutorial , I found that many of my friends read the tutorials five or six years ago , The technology update is relatively fast , So we must use the latest video tutorials . Lack of basic introductory video tutorials , You can follow my BiliBili video column : ​2022 New year Java Basic intensive video course , For all Java beginner .

A lot of people ask questions about academic qualifications , My explanation for you :

Any office job , Will have requirements for academic qualifications . Education represents the person's past , Is it a success or a failure . It also represents the person's learning ability , Attitude towards learning . Now it's all Internet companies , The larger the company, the higher the educational requirements , Because the company has great strength , Options are also high .

Since I study technology , From a technical point of view , Technology must be the most important . Of course, there are also requirements for academic qualifications , Whoever tells you that education is useless is fooling you .

But the past cannot be changed , You can only start now , Positive change , And the only way to change is to learn . Learn all kinds of things , For example, professional skills , Be a man and do things , Presentation skills , Reading ability , Ability to communicate with people, etc . Through their own efforts , Reach a standard you want . Recognize the root cause of the problem , Identify problems , Then there's a solution , Then go ahead and do , Leave the rest to time .

It's not that you have a low education and can't learn programming , But the probability of success is relatively low , Everyone has the right to learn , As long as you want to learn, you can learn , Learn your skills first .

I don't recommend beginners to read and learn Java

Let me give you an easy to understand example first : Let you learn 《 The book of changes 》, If it's a video course taught by some masters , For example, Professor Zeng Shiqiang said , He can use his own understanding to tell you , So you can get started quickly 《 The book of changes 》. But if I let you see 《 The book of changes 》 Books , Maybe you see 5 I can't watch it for minutes .

But when you're right 《 The book of changes 》 With a certain understanding, after getting started , And I want to explore it , At this time, you want a deeper understanding 《 The book of changes 》, You can only read the original by yourself 《 The book of changes 》 Delve into 、 Ponder over 、 Sentiment , reflection , So as to continue to become a master .

The same goes for learning programming , The book is very professional , It's all technical terms , I usually let you read a paragraph 100 One word sentence , Maybe you don't want to read . Hundreds of thousands of words in a Book , Besides, it's not a novel , But boring technical books , How can you read on ? But you want to be a tech bull , In the future, we must read more technical books , But in terms of high probability , It's definitely not just reading at the beginning , It's of little use to most people .

Why learn to find and forget the previous content ?

I believe this happens to many small partners , Tell you this is mainly because you rarely apply what you have learned to real scenes , And I haven't reviewed . Why do you have a weekly exam every week when you go to school? During the monthly exam , Is a review of previous knowledge . Because it's easy to forget if you don't use it for a long time , Especially learning programming , There is a lot to remember , If you don't always do project practice , I must have forgotten . So in response to this problem , We should pay more attention to writing code , A good Java Programmers definitely accumulate a lot of code . If you have little partners, you don't have too many practice items , You can read my article , There is a lot about Java A new hand training program , See if there's anyone interested .​ ​ Where can I find a better Java project , The kind that exists at all stages ?​Java Learn how much you can find a job ?_java

I think learning Java There are two hardest points :

First of all : Just touched programming , How to cultivate one's own programming thinking .

second : There are too many ways , There are so many things to remember .

Solving these two problems basically solves the problem of learning Java The problem of , and Java The characteristic of language is that it is difficult to start at the beginning , Especially in the first two months , Many people give up during this period .

How to find a job after learning ?

I believe many people are interested in this issue , Personally, I think looking for a job is two aspects , The first is the resume , The second is the interview .

The resume has nothing to do with technology , A resume is a facade , When others haven't touched you , Have a preliminary judgment on you through a resume , Writing a resume is also a subject in itself , But I don't think many people pay attention to it , There are even many people who have worked for two or three years , The resume is badly written . Want to find a job , Then the resume is the first pass , On the writing method of resume , I hope you will be well prepared , Try to be simple and clean , Make people look comfortable , Need continuous optimization .

And then there's the interview , Interview is the time to really look at technology , The skills you usually learn need to be shown to the interviewer within half an hour , So personal eloquence is also very important . You need to be well prepared , Understand your project very clearly , Be able to explain to the interview .

About writing resumes and interviewing , If you have no experience , I really need to study hard , It must be used in the future , Because we certainly won't go to only one company .

I have sorted out more than 600 sets of resume templates from all walks of life , If you want , You can ask me to get !

And I found one thing , Many young friends are looking for a job , After several rejected interviews , I feel like I can't find , get disheartened . Such a mentality is very undesirable , There is a lot of competition in today's society , Jobs in all industries are hard to find , And now society needs talents in addition to professional skills , More need to have a good attitude , Super pressure resistance . Many people find a few and don't find them , Such a character can't do well even if it's doing other things , So I hope you will face up to this problem , It's not easy to find a job , The company needs to consider a lot when entering a person , You need to prepare yourself in all aspects .

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