Idea solves the problem that Java: package XXXX does not exist

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idea solves problem java package


Sometimes after we import the program , The system will give an error prompt :Java: Package xxxx non-existent , Now I have a move here , Is the use of IDEA Automatic import Java Package , This is also IDEA One of the great advantages of .


When there is an error as shown in the question , There's no need to worry , This is because the configuration Java There is an error in the package of , At the same time, you may not have set up IDEA Automatic loading Jar package , Will report such a mistake . The solution is as follows :

As shown in the figure above, after configuration , Click on apply, And then click OK, Refresh at this time IDEA You can see that ,Jar The package is insufficient, and then report Java: Package xxxx Errors that do not exist will automatically disappear , And in the left column ExternalLibraries There will be a lot of jar package


OK, Problem solving , It's that simple , This is both IDEA The charm of , convenient jar Package download , It is also convenient for everyone to program .

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