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Die without end :Sun Exact VM

stay Sun Classic After the release ,Sun Our virtual machine team is JDK 1.2 A post called Exact VM Virtual machine , Attempt to resolve Classic VM All the problems encountered . Its execution system solves the classic problem VM The problem that the interpreter and compiler can't work at the same time . It also has some characteristics of modern high-performance processors , Such as two-level real-time compilation .

Besides ,Exact VM It also improves the object lookup of virtual machines . In the classic VM in , If you want to find an object , You need a handle ( It's like a pointer ) To find it . If you need to search for objects , You need to search it layer by layer through the handle tree it constructs . however , stay Exact VM Precise memory management is used in , That is, the virtual machine can accurately know the type of data in memory , This reduces search costs , Improved execution performance .

Unfortunately , although ExactVM Has been released , But it wasn't really used on a large scale until it quit . When released JDK 1.2 when , Started the precise VM, but Sun classic VM It's still the default Java virtual machine . When JDK 1.3 When it was released , virtual machine HotSpot VM Introduced as the default virtual machine ,Sun Classic VM Introduced as a standby virtual machine .

Leader of Wulin :Sun HotSpot VM

hotspot VM It can be said to be the most widely used Java virtual machine , It's for almost all Java Virtual machine knowledge . But actually , Virtual machines are not created by Sun Developed , But by the Longview Technologies Developed .Sun be aware JIT Many excellent results in compilation , On 1997 Years acquired Longview Technologies, And bought it. HotSpot VM.

HotSpot Not only the above two virtual machines ( Such as precise memory management ) The advantages of , It also has many new technologies such as hot spot detection . Hot spot detection technology refers to the execution of counters , Find the most valuable code , And then inform JIT The compiler makes in-depth optimization on the method . however Exact VM There are similar technologies in ,Sun There is also a lot of controversy inside , But why choose HotSpot As the default virtual machine, it is not clear .

in general , since 2000 Released in JDK 1.3 since ,HotSpot VM Has been in the historical stage as the default virtual machine . Now? ,2018 year ,18

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Years have passed , It is still our most commonly used virtual machine , It shows Sun HotSpot VM The resilience of .

Schools of thought contend :BEA JRockit / IBM J9 VM

All of these are Sun Virtual machines launched by the company , But in addition to Sun company , Other organizations and companies have also developed many virtual machine implementations , The most famous one is BEA JRockit and IBM J9 VM.

BEA Of JRockit Is a virtual machine that focuses on server hardware and server application scenarios . It does a lot of optimization for the server scenario , So it doesn't pay much attention to program startup speed .JRockit The virtual machine does not contain an interpreter implementation , All code is compiled and executed by an immediate compiler . Besides , Its task control service suite is also very powerful .

IBM Of J9 VM Is a more general-purpose virtual machine , It is positioned as a multi-purpose virtual machine from server to desktop application to embedded system .IBM Development J9VM As IBM Various Java Product execution platform .

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from Sun Classic、Sun Exact VM、Sun HotSpot VM, Until then BEA JRockit、IBM J9 VM, These virtual machines can be said to be the official history of virtual machines , Is each Java What programmers should know . But beyond that , In fact, there are all kinds of virtual machines .

for example , The most powerful is not the virtual machine mentioned above , But dedicated business and virtual machines , be called Azul VM and BEA.VM. These virtual machines only run on specific hardware platforms , So the requirements are relatively high . But its performance is also very strong . It can manage at least dozens of CPU And hundreds GB Memory resources of , But it also provides the garbage collector with a controllable range of memory GC Time , wait .

Besides , There are many other virtual machines , such as Apache Harmony、Google Android Dalvik VM、Mircosoft JVM wait .

The final winner :Oracle

Looking back on all this history ,Sun The published virtual machine seems to be similar to Oracle irrelevant . But in 2010 year , Oracle acquired Sun, So Oracle has HotSpot VM.2008 year , Oracle from BEA Acquired JRocket VM, With two of the best virtual machines in the world .

Planning virtual machines for the future ,Oracle Announced that it would JRockit Excellent features integrated into HotSpot VM in , For example, transplant JRockit Garbage collector and task control service .

appendix :Java Virtual machine history

JDK Version upgrades are not just about languages and features , It also includes the compilation and execution of Java Virtual machine upgrade .

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