The truth behind the sale of 93 real estate units in Shanghai and the 2.8 billion deposit storm of Bohai bank is frightening

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truth sale real estate units

author : Feng Laiyi

When we talk about scams , The main thought is Telecom fraud 、 Internet fraud and other small case, As everyone knows, in all fields , Cheating has become “ Some kind of productivity ”.

Remember 10 Month of the month , A news spread in many groups ? Said a Shanghai real estate uncle sold at one time 93 Set of real estate , hold 28 year 、 The price of the house has gone up 100 times , Cash out now 4.5 One hundred million yuan , And all houses are in one community .

The real estate agent said solemnly :“ This is a new sale of an old house , Nearly 100 sets in total ,10 month 15 Noon 12 Spot sale , The first day 41-49 Square meters of small houses have been sold out , the second day 64-72 Square meters of houses are also sold out .”

a 16 The house watchers who went to Pucheng community on the th said , All the houses are 1993 It was completed in “ Old broken little ”, But the location is good , Average price 8.5 ten thousand / Square meters , There are really a lot of people at the sales site , All the houses are available in seconds on the same day , And she didn't grab the house .

This kind of news can attract people's attention , Except that one person owns a hundred Suites , In the present day “ Common prosperity ” It looks particularly eye-catching against the background of , Another is the sudden sale of so many houses , Are you afraid of real estate tax ?

But I saw the news , I felt something was wrong . Holding so many houses , Selling in this eye-catching way , Aren't you asking for trouble ? Can't you throw it step by step ? Can't you sell a few sets in your own circle ? We have to make it known to the world ?

Unless uncle Fang is forced by the creditor to hang himself tomorrow , Otherwise, I really don't understand why he made so much noise .

Sure enough , Soon the news came out , These houses are not from Uncle Fang at all , But Shimao Riverside . That makes sense , A real estate company needs to withdraw funds to meet all kinds of debts , It's reasonable to release a lot of old houses at once .

However , I still underestimate human wisdom , The latest news shows that these houses are actually in the state of pledge , in other words , Shimao Binjiang has already pledged the house , If you want to buy, unless you release the pledge first , Otherwise, you cannot sign online , And that's why these houses are lower than the market price .

Shimao has three listed companies : Shimao Group 、 Shimao shares and Shimao Services .12 month 13 Japan , Stocks and bonds of the three companies both fell .

Closing date , In terms of stocks , Shimao Group fell 12.16%、 Shimao services fell 9.18%、 Shimao shares fell 2.65%; Besides , Many bonds of Shimao fell , among “20 Shimao 06” The decline reached 54.08%.

Shimao responded by saying :

at present , All production and operation activities of the company are normal , There are no significant adverse changes in business activities , And there are no adverse events affecting the company's solvency and debt service of bonds .

The company has no other circumstances in violation of the provisions on fair information disclosure , There are no undisclosed that should be disclosed 、 Information that has a great impact on the price of the company's shares and derivatives .

In fact, last month , Something similar has happened , At that time, Xu Shitan, vice president of Shimao, also came forward to clarify , However, in the clarification, I noticed one detail , That's what vice president Xu said , They are talking about the extension of dollar debt .

Talk about a signal released by the exhibition period , That is, the US dollar debt due next year , Not yet ready to repay . To 12 month , The company's shares and bonds are due to some “ The grapevine ” tumbling , Then I can only think that there are no waves without wind , Capital must know what we don't know , Otherwise, why rush to ship ?

Associated with the 10 In January, they instigated the sale of old houses , Now I have arranged for someone to refund , I can only say that this series of actions is carefully designed “ A scam ”.

In two days ago 《 Financial Lang Lang 》 Make a show , Speaking of Bohai bank 28 Billion things .

My judgment is , There must be someone else who knows about this matter , It's cooperative . Because the mortgage needs to convert the electronic certificate of deposit into a paper certificate of deposit , Without the cooperation of the people inside , It is impossible for bank staff to mortgage billions of people without the knowledge of the enterprise .

If you have this ability , Why not just transfer these billions to your account , In contrast, stealing directly is not more convenient and cool , What's the point of earning that fee ?

therefore , I'm pretty sure , Jimin's boss was cheated by his subordinates . But things have started , The boss can only hold his nose to recognize , Pretend you don't know you've been cheated .

Whether employees cheat the boss , Or the boss pinched his nose and said that no one in the enterprise knew about the mortgage , Can you crown one “ cheat ” word ?

Subordinates cheat the boss , Is the boss innocent ? not necessarily , The boss also lied to his subordinates . The so-called workplace PUA, Is that the boss deceives his subordinates .

PUA It's an abbreviation , Its full name is Pick-Up Artist. Initially, it was just about sharing how men use skills and Psychology , To approach 、 Chat up someone you like .

But then it was used by people with ulterior motives , Instead of brainwashing 、 Decoy 、 A series of mental control means such as psychological suggestion , To deceive the feelings and money of the opposite sex , Even control each other's life . Then what is the workplace PUA Well ?

You see , The first one is “ Use of picture cake ”, Mingming doesn't intend to share the fruits of the company's development with you , Pretending to do this , Make you loyal and die for him .

I have a good friend who has met such a boss , As a minority shareholder and employee, he , All the way to the company's annual sales from millions to billions , According to the initial agreement, at least 100 million can be divided , In the end, however, the boss gave him millions to send him away . Such a boss , Can you win a “ cheat ” word ?

Subordinates cheat the boss , The boss also deceives his subordinates . And these are equivalent to fraud , But it is often not reflected in the crime of fraud .

These are , It's all because of economic reasons , And some scams , There is no connection with economic interests , It even makes people feel unclear, so .

Remember that banner in the company , Ali Zhou, who claims to have been sexually assaulted by his colleagues and left alone ?

The latest news is , Ali has been with a man who claims to be “ Sexual assault ” Zhou, a female employee of, dissolved the labor contract . Ali's notice said :

2021 year 8 month 6 Japan , You pull a banner in the company canteen 、 Distributing leaflets 、 Shout with a loudspeaker , And posting on Intranet forums , Spread “ Raped by executives 、 The company knows not to handle it ” Wait for false information , Arousing strong social concern , Bad impact on the company .

This series of actions has constituted 《 Alibaba Group employee discipline system 》 Category I violations 1.5.3 strip “ Make or disseminate inappropriate remarks to the outside world , Or deliberately fabricated 、 Spread fictional facts , Or spread unconfirmed information , Cause adverse effects ” The provisions of the . The notice is signed by Zhejiang tmall Technology Co., Ltd .

This Zhou , Also full of lies . When she first sent a complaint to the public , The whole article is about Wang mouwen going in and out of her room late at night , However, she woke up the next morning and found that her underwear was gone , There are condoms at the head of the bed .

And the police investigated , Zhou is not deeply drunk at all , She called Wang mouwen to go , Next morning , She also called Zhang , Zhang took a condom to , Bring your underwear back to .

She swindled the public into trust and sympathy , To achieve your purpose , Now the scam has been exposed , She herself ended up being fired from the company .

As for the punishment of the China Association for performing arts pretending to be a state organ “ Lose virtue ” artist , And the extremely frightening Shanghai Honglou incident and so on , In my opinion, I can't take off this “ cheat ” word , It's just that the purpose and methods of cheating are different .

And these “ A scam ” The reason why I succeeded , Using nothing else , But the simple of the people “ emotional ”. These emotions include negative “ envious, jealous and hateful ” And positive “ A simple sense of justice ”.

Without these two emotions , These events will not be news events at all , It won't attract attention .

Unfortunately, these emotions , Finally become some smart people 、 A tool used by a conscientious person to make profits and achieve an ulterior purpose , I'm not worried about... In these scams “ The bad guys ” Without due punishment , I'm worried about , In the long term , The trust foundation of the whole society will be destroyed , We don't know what else to believe .

And I'm afraid it's better than anti fraud app Want to prevent low-end fraud , The harm to society is much greater , Because what has been corrupted is the moral heart of the whole society .

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