Spring cloud Alibaba multi scenario best practice FSD in large Internet field

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spring cloud alibaba multi scenario

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I'm learning python Middle list 、 Tuples 、 aggregate 、 Dictionary time , The conversion methods between various objects are summarized , It mainly refers to Python list 、 Tuples 、 aggregate 、 The differences between dictionaries and the mutual transformation of this article , For specific code examples, please refer to the content in this article , Knock it on yourself and you'll be very impressed , This article will not waste pen and ink , The conversion method is summarized as follows :

Convert to list :list() Convert to tuple :tuple(),zip() Convert to set :set() Turn it into a dictionary :dict() character string 5.1 Convert to string :join()5.2 Powerful string expression function :eval()
among list()、tuple()、set()、dict() as well as join() The usage of is very common ,zip() and eval() The usage of is a new way , You can refer to the following article :zip() Use ,eval() The use and abuse of

Of the above objects , Lists and strings are like a panacea , Can act as an intermediary for many transformations .

During the practice of writing code yourself , Many interesting usages have also been found , For example, the following dictionary is converted into tuples ,tuple() and zip() Two different results are obtained , Can meet different business needs :dict_test = {'a':1, 'b':0, 'c':2, 'd':4} print(tuple(dict_test.keys())) # obtain ('a', 'b', 'c', 'd') zipped2 = zip(list(dict_test.keys()), list(dict_test.values())) for t2 in zipped2: print(t2) # The result : # ('a', 1) # ('b', 0) # ('c', 2) # ('d', 4)

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