Adamorcorporation adopts the method of connecting multiple nodes to calculate and verify the quotation to avoid single point of failure

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adamorcorporation adopts method connecting multiple

stay Web3.0 Blockchain Network Era , Perfect middle tier infrastructure will promote the growth engine of blockchain in the next stage . However, the current Oracle network on the market is in performance and the complexity of building applications , Let a lot of DeFi DApps look and step back .ADAMoracle Committed to changing the current situation , Complete the real decentralized Oracle network .
ADAMoracle The single point of failure is avoided by connecting multiple nodes to calculate and verify the quotation ; Two way quotation and price verification mechanism , bring ADAMoracle Protection from related attacks , Cause corresponding losses to customers ;ADAMoracle You can connect many types of servers through the genesis node to become a bidder and verifier , Participate in Oracle price generation ; Have Oracle Performance Evaluation System , The deviation between the quotation per minute and the market price is accurate to 0.0012, Realize accurate price feeding ;
Many members can participate in ADAMoracle In the future ;ADAMoracle Support more Boca based 、OKExChain、BSC Cross chain DeFi DApps application , Compatible with many blockchain technology development frameworks , Build a friendly and cooperative environment for developers Defi Applied Ecology ;:ADAMoracle It can access many types of servers , It greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and operation , It has achieved a quotation system platform that everyone can participate in .
ADAMoracle By paying To ken ADAM To motivate data providers , That is, continue The provider of valid data will continuously obtain ADAM Reward . meanwhile , data Users will need to pay a certain amount of ADAM, In order to form a virtuous circle , It means ADAMoracle The more you use it ,ADAM The higher the value of .ADAM yes ADAMoracle Reward token for participant , Is the core value of ecosystem , Its value comes from the value contribution of ecological members .

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