MySQL most complete sorting (interview questions + notes, nginx optimized interview)

mysql complete sorting interview questions
  • What is the database isolation level ? What's the role ?

  • MySQL The basic principle of active and standby synchronization .

  • How to optimize database performance ( Indexes 、 Sub database and sub table 、 The batch operation 、 Paging algorithm 、 Upgrade your hard drive SSD、 Business optimization 、 Master-slave deployment )

  • SQL Under what circumstances index will not be used ( It doesn't contain , It's not equal to , function )

  • In general, what fields should be indexed ( Filter the fields with the most data )

  • MySQL,B+ The index to achieve , Row lock implementation ,SQL Optimize

  • How to solve the problem of high concurrent inventory reduction

  • Several granularity of database transaction

1.2 MySQL Interview questions ( The actual part ):

  • Three paradigms of database , Design data table according to seckill scene

  • Master-slave replication of database

  • How to solve deadlock

  • mysql How to solve the problem of concurrency ( Through transaction 、 Isolation level 、 lock )

  • Function of trigger ?

  • What is stored procedure ? What to call ?

  • Advantages and disadvantages of stored procedures ?

  • The difference between stored procedures and functions

  • The function of index ? And its advantages and disadvantages ?

  • What fields are suitable for indexing

  • What are the index types ?

  • What is business ? What is a lock ?

  • What is view ? What is a cursor ?

  • Advantages and disadvantages of views

  • List several ways to connect tables , What's the difference? ?

  • The difference between primary key and foreign key ?

  • Query statements in the database is slow , How to optimize ?

  • What are the three paradigms of database ?

  • Varchar2 and varchar What's the difference? ?

  • Oracle and Mysql The difference between ?

  • order by And group by The difference between

1.3 MySQL Interview questions ( Advanced part ):

  • Please explain the concept and main features of relational database ?

  • Please name a typical product of relational database 、 Features and application scenarios ?

  • Please explain the concept and main features of non relational database ?

  • Please name the typical products of non relational database 、 Features and application scenarios ?

  • Please describe in detail SQL Statement classification and corresponding representative keywords .

  • Please describe in detail char(4) and varchar(4) The difference between .

  • How to authorize oldboy User from Access database .

  • What is? MySQL Multiple instances , How to configure MySQL Multiple instances ?

  • How to strengthen MySQL Security , Please give the feasible concrete measures ?

  • delete and truncate Delete data

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The difference between ?

  • MySQL Sleep How to solve the problem of too many threads ?

  • sort_buffer_size Parameter function ? How to make online modification effective ?

  • How to clean up correctly online MySQL binlog?

  • Binlog What are the working modes ? What are the characteristics of each , How to choose ?

  • Misoperation performed a drop library SQL sentence , How to recover completely ?

  • mysqldump Backup uses -A -B Parameters , How to recover single table ?

  • detailed MySQL Master-slave replication principle and configuration of master-slave complete steps .

  • How to open the slave library binlog function ?

  • MySQL How to realize bidirectional master-slave replication , And explain the application scenario ?

  • MySQL How to achieve cascade synchronization , And explain the application scenario ?

  • MySQL How to solve the problem of master-slave replication ?

  • How to monitor whether master-slave replication fails ?

  • MySQL How to separate read from write in database ?

  • The production of one master and many slaves goes down , How to restore by hand ?

MySQL Interview answers and Analysis :

MySQL The most complete arrangement ( Interview questions + note + Guide map ), Interviewing big companies is no longer MySql It's hard

02、 About MySQL The actual use of


2.1 MySQL Performance optimized 21 Best practice

  1. Optimize your query for query caching

  2. EXPLAIN Yours SELECT Inquire about

  3. Use when there is only one line of data LIMIT 1

  4. Index search fields

  5. stay Join Use examples of a similar type for tables , And index it

  6. Do not ORDER BY RAND()

  7. avoid SELECT *

  8. Always set one... For each table ID

  9. Use ENUM instead of VARCHAR

  10. from PROCEDURE ANALYSE() Get advice

  11. Use as much as possible NOT NULL

  12. Prepared Statements

  13. Unbuffered queries

  14. hold IP Save the address as UNSIGNED INT

  15. A fixed length watch will be faster

  16. Vertical segmentation

  17. Break up the big DELETE or INSERT sentence

  18. The smaller the column, the faster

  19. Choose the right storage engine

  20. Use an object relational mapper (Object Relational Mapper)

  21. look out “ Permanent link ”

MySQL The most complete arrangement ( Interview questions + note + Guide map ), Interviewing big companies is no longer MySql It's hard

2.2 MySQL Performance tuning and architecture design —— Full volume

  • The basic chapter :

MySQLI Basic introduction 、MySQL Architecture Composition 、MySQL Introduction to storage engine 、MySQL security management 、MySQL Backup and recovery

  • Performance optimization :

influence MySQLServer Performance related factors 、MySQI Database locking mechanism 、MySQL database Query The optimization of the 、MySQL database Schema Design performance optimization 、MySQLServer performance optimization 、 Common storage engine optimization

  • Architecture design :

MySQL Basic principles of extensible design 、 Extensibility design MySQLReplication、 Data segmentation of extensibility design 、 Extensibility design C ache And Se ar ch The use of 、MySQLCluster、 Idea and scheme of high availability design 、 High availability design MySQL monitor

MySQL The most complete arrangement ( Interview questions + note + Guide map ), Interviewing big companies is no longer MySql It's hard

2.3 MySQL From introduction to project practice

  • The first 1 piece Basic knowledge of

Hello MySQL、 Database exploration 、MySQL Use of common management tools 、MySQL Basic operation of database

  • The first 2 piece Core applications

Basic operation of data table 、MySQL View 、MySQL Data types and operators for 、MySQL function 、MySQL Database query statement details 、MySQL Database data and index operation 、 Stored procedures and stored functions 、 Use MySQL trigger

  • The first 3 piece The core technology

MySQL Database rights management and recovery 、MySQL Database replication 、MySQL Log management 、 utilize MySQL Building distributed applications 、MySQL The query cache 、MySQL Use of error codes and messages

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