redis6. 2.6 installation

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redis6. redis installation

1、 Upload the installation package to Linux System

 2、 See if it is installed gcc Environmental Science

install gcc:

command :yum install -y gcc


 3、 decompression redis Installation package

command :tar -zxvf redis-6.2.6.tar.gz

4、 Enter catalog number cd /opt/redis-6.2.6 Conduct make Compilation and make install Can be installed  

make command :

 make install command :

 5、 Determine if the installation is successful

stay /usr/local/bin in ls:

 6、 How to start

6.1、 Front desk open ( Not recommended ), It can't be operated after it's turned off

cd /usr/local/bin


 6.2、 Open backstage

Copy a redis.conf Go to other directories
Set up redis.conf Of daemonize The value is yes

First, we copy to /etc Under the table of contents :

  Get into /etc Under the table of contents , modify redis.conf:

start-up redis And the client :

cd /usr/local/bin

redis-server /etc/redis.conf

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