Huawei great God collection version: springboot excellent notes, too comprehensive

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huawei great god collection version


As a developer , about Spring I'm sure it's not strange , And from Spring Big family Spring Boot, As Spring The popular framework provided by the team , Its existence solves the problem of Spring The use of framework is complicated , So master SpringBoot Is proficient Spring An essential process .
During the interview ,SpringBoot The relevant content of the interview will be asked , Almost all the requirements of the first-line Internet for technical posts are right Spring There are certain rules , So study Spring It is urgent .
Today, , We mainly study together SpringBoot Related content , I'd like to share this rare edition of Huawei with you ——SpringBoot All excellent notes , It's so comprehensive !
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PART1:SpringBoot Lay a solid foundation for getting started

1.SpringBoot The coming of
  • Spring The history of
  • Comment or XML
  • SpringBoot The advantages of
  • Tradition Spring MVC and Spring Boot Comparison of
2. Talk about the construction of development environment and basic development
  • build Spring Boot development environment
  • Spring Boot Dependency and automatic configuration of
  • Use custom configuration
  • Develop your own Spring Boot project
3. Under full annotation Spring IOC
  • IOC About the container
  • Assemble your Bean
  • Dependency injection
  • Life cycle
  • Use the properties file
  • Conditions for assembly Bean
  • Bean Scope of action
  • Use @Profile
  • introduce XML To configure Bean
  • Use Spring EL
4. Start programming conventions ——SpringAOP
  • Convention programming
  • AOP The concept of
  • AOP Development details
  • Multiple facets

PART2:SpringBoot The cultivation secret of ascension

1. Access database
  • Configure data sources
  • Use JDBC Template Operating the database
  • Use JPA(Hibernate) Operational data
  • Integrate MyBaits frame
2. Talk about database transaction processing
  • JDBC Database transactions for
  • Spring Use of declarative transactions
  • Isolation level
  • Communication behavior
  • @Transactional Self call failure problem
3. Use performance tools ——Redis
  • spring-data-redis Project brief introduction
  • stay Spring Boot Configuration and use Redis
  • Redis Some special uses of
  • Use Spring Cache annotation operations Redis
4. Document database ——MongoDB
  • To configure MongoDB
  • Use MongoTemplate example
  • Use JPA

PART3:SpingBoot The development of advanced learning

1. First time to know Spring MVC
  • Spring MVC Frame design
  • SpringMVC technological process
  • customized Spring MVC The initialization
  • Spring MVC example
2. thorough Spring MVC Development
  • Processor mapping
  • Get controller parameters
  • Custom parameter conversion rules
  • data validation
  • Data model
  • Views and view parsers
  • Upload files
  • Interceptor
  • internationalization
  • Spring MVC Pick up
3. structure REST Style website
  • REDT sketch
  • Use Spirng MVC Development REST Endpoint style
  • Client request RestTemplate
4. Security ——Spring Security
  • Overview and simple security authentication
  • Use WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter Customize
  • Custom user service information
  • Limit requests
  • User authentication function
5. Learning points Spring Other technologies
  • Asynchronous thread pool
  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Timing task
  • WebSocket application
6.Spring5 frame ——WebFlux
  • Basic concepts
  • adopt Spring MVC Way to develop WebFlux Server side
  • thorough WebFlux Server development
  • In depth client development
  • Use routing function to develop WebFlux
7. Practice a —— Rush to buy goods
  • Design and development ( Database table design + Use MyBatis Develop the persistence layer + Use Spring Development business layer and control layer + Test and configure )
  • High concurrency development ( Overgrowth phenomenon + Pessimistic locking + Optimism lock + Use Redis Handle high concurrency )
8. Deploy 、 Testing and monitoring
  • Deploy and run
  • test
  • Actuator Monitor endpoints
  • HTTP monitor
  • JMX monitor
9. Distributed development ——Spring Cloud
  • Service governance and service discovery ——Eureka
  • Calls between microservices
  • Circuit breaker ——Hystrix
  • Routing Gateway ——Zuul
  • Use @SpringCloudApplication

PART4:SpringBoot Knowledge points supplement

  • A1: Select the embedded server
  • A2: Modify the trademark
  • A3: thorough Spring Boot Automatic assembly


Obviously , Micro service is the future development trend , The project will shift from traditional architecture to micro service architecture . Whether you're an Internet talent , Or traditional industry practitioners , It's very important to learn popular technology .SpringBoot As a technology highly recommended by the government , It's the key point that every developer should master .
It's not hard to learn , The key lies in self-consciousness and persistence .
If you need this too SpringBoot Excellent notes help you learn SpringBoot, I'm happy to share . Just add a little assistant vx:bjmsb0606006 that will do
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