In the step of setting up the configuration environment of Hadoop cluster, the feedback of Hadoop version is that the command cannot be found, not the problem of environment or file package

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step setting configuration environment hadoop
Almost all the answers found on the Internet are that the environment is not matched or the environment is not matched well , After repeated adjustment, I'm sure there's no problem. The following figure is my configuration




Then I think it's the problem of installing the package , Because in tar zxvf An archive error occurred after the command , So I made another version There are no archiving errors however
 still yes hadoop version 

----------Hadoop The order did not

Operation results and error reporting contents



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source I'll revise it profile, If not, go hadoop Of bin Permission to view files in the directory ls -l see bin Whether the following files have execution permission x

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HADOOP_HOME It didn't say $ Symbols , The system can't find your hadoop Location , add $ again source The configuration file , Trying again ,
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Answer as above ,HADOOP_HOME The variable is missing $


At the same time, for you hadoop I have a few suggestions , What you said is wrong. Please give me more advice .

  1. Do not install components in home Under the table of contents
  2. Environment variable configuration problem , There are many configurations of environment variables in big data components , Need to have the same specification , In order to manage . As you can see from your command line , You repeated it twice export HADOOP_HOME
  3. See your side or use jdk7 as well as hadoop2.7, I don't know whether it's the version used by your company or the version used by yourself , If it is used by the company, it is understandable . If it's self-study , I suggest you use jdk8 as well as hadoop3 Related technology stack .
  4. Last , I have also done the configuration and installation of relevant components , If you find it useful , You can refer to it :

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