Limited time and open source, with ten years of experience, the architect's private collection of "Java core skills" has helped 21 people enter large factories at the same time

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limited time open source years

As a senior Java Development , I've interviewed a lot of people in recent years . Find out that most interviewers , Although it seems to work hard , But the level of competence they show , But not enough to pass the interview , Or get the expected salary .

in my opinion , The reason for this is , There are mainly two aspects :

First of all ,“ Know what it is and don't know why it is ”. I've done technology for a few years , Developed some business applications , But I haven't thought about the logic behind these technology choices . therefore , It's hard for me to define their future growth potential , I will not trust to give them tasks with a certain depth .

second , Fragmentation of knowledge , No system . in fact , When the interviewer can't be complete 、 When you clearly describe the system you've developed or the technology you're using , The interviewer will wonder if he has the ability to solve complex problems 、 The ability to design complex systems .

therefore , If you just work hard , Or too much of an implementation detail , I haven't looked up at these technologies , So in preparation for the interview , It's necessary to sort it out Java Knowledge system , Only in this way can we win the satisfied Offer.

here , Share a document that helped me a lot 《Java Core skills 》 , I got it by accident , From a friend of mine , After reading it, he thought it was very good , Very detailed , comprehensive . I asked him where he came from , He only told me that he copied it from a big man who has worked for more than ten years .

The document covers knowledge :

Interview must ask :Java Basics 、 High concurrency 、 Multithreading 、 Distributed 、 Design patterns 、Spring Family bucket 、Java、MyBatis、ZooKeeper、Dubbo、Elasticsearch、Memcached、MongoDB、Redis、MySQL、RabbitMQ、Kafka、Linux、Netty、Tomcat And so on knowledge point detailed explanation and interview questions .

In document , It also starts from the knowledge points and necessary abilities of the interview investigation of large factories , Select out 485 Avenue Java Interview questions , It not only gives typical answers and test site analysis , It also analyzes Java Core knowledge points , Let you understand the key ability of interview , Help you get to “ Know why ” And systematic goals .


Java Basics

  • Java annotation

  • Java Reflection

  • Java Generic

  • Java Inner class

  • Java Copy

  • Java serialize

  • Java Exception classification processing

Java Basic brain maps

JAVA The basis corresponds to the detailed parsing document

JAVA The basis corresponds to the detailed parsing document

Java Multithreaded concurrency

  • JAVA Concurrent knowledge base

  • JAVA Thread realize / How it was created

  • 4 Thread pool

  • Thread life cycle ( state )

  • Thread termination 4 Ways of planting

  • sleep And wait difference

  • start And run difference

  • JAVA Background thread

  • JAVA lock

  • Thread basic method

  • Thread context switch

  • Synchronization lock and deadlock

  • Thread pool principle

  • JAVA Blocking queue principle

  • CyclicBarrier、CountDownLatch、Semaphore Usage of

  • volatile The role of keywords ( Variable visibility 、 No reordering )

  • How to share data between two threads

  • ThreadLocal effect ( Thread local storage )

  • synchronized and ReentrantLock The difference between

  • ConcurrentHashMap Concurrent

  • Java Thread scheduling used in

  • Process scheduling algorithm

  • What is? CAS( Compare and exchange - Optimistic locking mechanism - Lock spin )

  • What is? AQS( Abstract queue synchronizer )

Java Multithreading concurrent brain mapping  

Java Multithreading concurrent knowledge points corresponding to the detailed analysis of the document

Java Multithreading concurrent knowledge points corresponding to the detailed analysis of the document


  • Threads

  • JVM Memory area

  • JVM Run time memory

  • Garbage collection and algorithm

  • JAVA Four types of references

  • GC Generational collection algorithm VS Partition collection algorithm

  • GC Garbage collector


  • JVM Class loading mechanism

JVM Brain map

JVM Brain map corresponding to detailed document analysis

JVM Detailed document analysis

Spring principle

  • Spring characteristic

  • Spring Core components

  • Spring Common modules

  • Spring Main package

  • Spring Commonly used annotations

  • Spring Third party combination

  • Spring IOC principle

  • Spring AOP principle

  • Spring MVC principle

  • Spring Boot principle

  • JPA principle

  • Mybatis cache

  • Tomcat framework

Spring Principle brain map

Spring The principle corresponds to the detailed parsing document

Spring The principle corresponds to the detailed parsing document


  • Storage engine

  • Indexes

  • Three paradigms of database

  • A database is a transaction

  • stored procedure

  • trigger

  • Database concurrency strategy

  • The database lock

  • be based on Redis Distributed lock

  • Partition table

  • Two phase submission agreement

  • Three stage submission agreement

  • Flexible business

  • CAP

The database corresponds to the detailed parsing document

The database corresponds to the detailed parsing document

Data structure and algorithm

  • data structure

  • encryption algorithm

  • JAVA Algorithm

  • Consistency algorithm

Data structure and algorithm brain map


  • Service registration found

  • API gateway

  • Configuration center

  • Event scheduling (kafka)

  • Service tracking (starter-sleuth)

  • Service failure (Hystrix)

  • API management

Microservice brain map

Microservices are important for parsing documents

Microservices are important for parsing documents

Netty And RPC

  • Netty principle

  • Netty High performance

  • Netty RPC Realization

  • RMI Realization way

  • Protoclol Buffer

  • Thrift

Netty And RPC Brain map

Netty And RPC Corresponding to the detailed parsing document

Netty And RPC Corresponding to the detailed parsing document

The Internet

  • The Internet 7 Layer architecture

  • TCP/IP principle

  • TCP Three handshakes / Four waves

  • HTTP principle

  • CDN principle


  • Zookeeper Concept

  • Zookeeper role

  • Zookeeper working principle ( Atomic broadcasting )

  • Znode There are four forms of directory nodes


  • Kafka Concept

  • Kafka Data storage design

  • Producer design

  • Consumer Design


  • Concept

  • RabbitMQ framework

  • Exchange type


  • Concept

  • The column type storage

  • Hbase The core concept

  • Hbase Core architecture

  • Hbase Writing logic

  • HBase vs Cassandra


  • Concept

  • Data model

  • Cassandra Agreement Hash And virtual nodes

  • Gossip agreement

  • Data replication

  • Data write request and coordinator

  • Data read request and background repair

  • data storage (CommitLog、MemTable、SSTable)

  • Secondary indexes ( To index value Abstract , Generate RowKey)

  • Data reading and writing

Load balancing

  • Four layer load balancing vs Seven layer load balancing

  • Load balancing algorithm / Strategy

  • LVS

  • Keepalive

  • Nginx Reverse agent load balancing

  • HAProxy



  • Concept

  • HDFS

  • MapReduce

  • Hadoop MapReduce The life cycle of the assignment


  • Concept

  • Core architecture

  • Core components

  • SPARK Programming model

  • SPARK Calculation model

  • SPARK Operation process

  • SPARK RDD technological process


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