Limited time open source, Alibaba P9 handwritten "redis in-depth notes", after eating, the salary directly increased by 8K

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limited time open source alibaba

Redis It's very popular in domestic companies , For example, Sina 、 Ali 、 tencent 、 Baidu 、 Meituan 、 Millet, etc. .Redis It's also the favorite question for the interview , In especial Redis client 、Redis Advanced features 、Redis Discussion on common problems of persistence and development operation and maintenance 、Redis Principles of replication and optimization strategies 、Redis Distributed solutions, etc .

Redis We often use it in our work , But why 、redis Some scenarios and practical problems of ,90% None of the above people understand very well . I went to interview Ali myself , I was Redis When asked the question, he was speechless … Afterwards, I went to mend Redis, I'm quite proficient now .

As the current mainstream NoSQL technology ,redis stay Java It has been widely used in the Internet , A bald man with time code , Yes Redis It must be no stranger , If even Redis It's not used , I'm sorry to go out for an interview , I'm not sure how many times I've been beaten by the interviewer . Why? Redis It's so popular now , because redis It has many advantages :

Very fast response

Supports six data types

Operations are atomic MultiUtility Tools

It can also meet the high concurrency of the Internet and the need for high-speed data processing , Like grabbing red envelopes 、 Commodity spike and other scenes , These scenarios require high-speed processing , And ensure the security and consistency of concurrent data .

Now Internet companies and some start-ups use Redis, Like Amazon 、 Google 、 Ali 、 Tencent should use , We can see that we are proficient in Redis It's really necessary to use .

I've read a lot about redis Student status , And some study notes , Although it's all good , But few can go deep into the source code , I saw a self-produced by Ali Daniu a few days ago “Redis In depth notes ”, At least it's the most perfect I've seen so far , The most profound note .

Redis note


​​ The opening :Redis What can you do with it ?

Basics :Redis Infrastructure ​

​​ application 1: Distributed lock ​

​​ application 2: Delay queue ​

application 3: Bitmap

​​ application 4:HyperLogLog​

​​ application 5: The bloon filter ​

​​ application 6: Simple current limiting

application 7: Funnel restriction


application 8: GeoHash

application 9:Scan

principle 1: Threads IO Model


principle 2: Communication protocol

principle 3: Persistence

The space for , Show only these screenshots , This is produced by Ali Daniu “Redis In depth notes , Be able to go from shallow to source code Redis Show it in detail and completely , I hope you can gain a lot from it .

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