The "million level" MySQL notes of Huawei bosses can be completed with one click of foundation + optimization + architecture

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million level mysql notes huawei


MySQL Needless to say , We all know that it is the most active and popular open source database at present , Because of the low cost , Easy to operate , So it is widely used in Internet enterprises , Even in the head BATJ. thus it can be seen , I want to be in the Internet industry , Or want to enter BATJ Wait for the first line Internet company , So master it MySQL It must be a necessary knock on the door .
about MySQL Use , Maybe a lot of developers who are just starting to work are quite unfamiliar , But if you want to learn, you don't know where to start , Technological backwardness naturally makes people feel anxious . actually , Study MySQL, Find the right way to do it easily .
today , It's specially organized by Huawei “ Million level ”MySQL I'll share my notes with you , From foundation to optimization to architecture , It's easy to get you started , One click .
Million level MySQL note , complete PDF edition , Just add a little assistant vx:bjmsb0606006 that will do .

Part1:MySQL The brain map of learning thinking ( Hand painted version )


Part2:MySQL Base part ( Core )

① know MySQL and SQL introduction
(MySQL Use of + Sample database + Database basic terminology +MySQL+ With the client program MySQL Interaction skills )
② Use SQL Management data
(MySQL Server's SQL Pattern +MySQL Identifier syntax and naming rules +SQL The case of the letters in a statement + Character set support, etc )
③ data type
( Categories of data values +MySQL Data type of +MySQL How to deal with illegal data values + Sequence + Expression evaluation and type conversion + The choice of data type )
④ Storage program
( Compound statements and statement separators + Stored functions and stored procedures + trigger + event + Security of stored programs and views )
⑤ Query optimization
( Use index +MySQL Query optimizer for + Selecting data types to improve query efficiency + Load data effectively + Scheduling and locking problems + Optimization done by the system administrator )

Part3:MySQL Lifting technology ( Advance quickly )

①MySQL Programming interface
(MySQL Programming )
②MySQL System management
(MySQL Introduction to system management +MySQL Data directory for +MySQL Daily database management system + Controls and security +MySQL Database maintenance 、 Backup and replication )

Part4:MySQL performance optimization ( Optimize the material )

①SQL Optimize
( Introduction to optimization +SQL The basic idea of sentence optimization )
②SQL Optimize skills
( utilize Explain Analyze query statements + utilize Profiling Analyze query statements + Using indexes properly + Different types of SQL Sentence optimization method + Optimize database structure + Analysis of the table 、 Checklists and optimization tables )
③ Query performance optimization
( Why is the query speed slow ?+ Slow query Foundation : Optimizing data access + How to refactor the query + The basis of query execution +MySQL Limitations of the query optimizer + Query optimizer tips + Optimize specific types of queries )
④MySQL Performance optimized 21 Best practice

Part4:MySQL Architecture Technology ( In the enterprise MySQL High availability architecture )

① What is? MySQL High availability ?
②MySQL Master slave copy
(MySQL Master slave architecture design + Configuration environment + Server installation configuration +LVS Installation configuration )
( What is? DRBD?+MySQL+DRBD+HA Architecture design + Configuration environment + Installation configuration Heartbeat+ Installation configuration DRBD)
④Lvs+Keepalived+MySQL Single point write master master synchronization scheme
( Configuration environment +Lvs+Keepalived Installation , To configure +Master and Backup Start of )
⑤MMM High availability MySQL programme
(MMM The architecture of + Configuration environment +MMM Installation +Monitor Server configuration + Configuration of each database server +MMM Management of )


What the future will be like ? I can't predict it , Maybe you say big data is the trend , Artificial intelligence is the trend , But what is it like ten years later , None of us know . All say 30 Programmers after the age of 18 are going to get into anxiety , But no matter what industry you're in , Young years don't catch , After that 30 Age is also anxious .
therefore , If you're not a future seeker , Then we should be good at standing at the top of the pyramid , This is a million dollar book MySQL Notes may help you get closer to your dreams .
As a free download “ Million level ”「MySQL note 」 It's simple , Just add a little assistant vx:bjmsb0606006 that will do .
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