JetBrains launches the "next generation IDE". Let's see what features are worth looking forward to!

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jetbrains launches generation ide let

11 month 29 Japan ,JetBrains Announced on the official blog , Launch a slightly different lightweight editor Fleet, And call it “ The next generation IDE”.


Description in the introduction to the official website :

With 20 Year of IDE Build from scratch based on development experience ,Fleet Used IntelliJ Code processing engine , With distributed IDE Architecture and redesigned UI.

Let's take a look at this “ The next generation IDE” What are the characteristics .

1、 Lightweight

Fleet Is a fast lightweight text editor , It can meet the needs of fast browsing and editing code . It starts in seconds , For us to start working immediately , And it can be easily converted to IDE,IntelliJ The code processing engine runs separately from the editor itself .

Use Fleet It has fast start-up speed , Advantages of low memory consumption , It doesn't need to compile 、 analysis hotspot Something like that . It's good news for computers with low performance !

2、 The function is all ready 、

Fleet With syntax highlighting 、 Simple code completion and other common editor functions , Also have Intelligent completion 、 restructure 、 Navigation 、 debugging 、 Real time code quality check 、 Quick fix and IDE All the functions that have always existed in . And it supports one click on / Turn off these functions , Be simple and easy .

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3、 Support for multiple languages

Visual Studio Code It is a brother of the current lightweight editor , Support for multiple languages .Fleet Nature cannot fall down .


At present, we support Java、Kotlin、python、Go And other back-end mainstream languages , At the same time, it will be adapted in subsequent versions PHP、C++、C# and HTML, For us Java For developers , The current programming language support is fully sufficient .

4、 Distributed architecture

Fleet The architecture fully considers the support for various configurations and workflows . Whether the project is local 、 In the container , Still thousands of miles away , It doesn't matter . Because it uses a virtual file system , have access to Fleet Develop projects locally and remotely in the same way .


For the upcoming Docker And cloud virtual machines Fleet, I'm still looking forward to it , Rub your hands ~~

5、 Support multi person collaboration

Whether local or remote , Can easily carry out multi person project cooperation . It can handle the same or different files at the same time 、 Run the test 、 Access terminals and perform collaboration IDE Other functions expected . Others can connect to the collaboration session you initiated on your computer , Or everyone can connect to a shared remote development environment . Remote assistance Bug, I'm no longer afraid of problems that can't be solved .


6、 Complete built-in tools

Fleet It provides developers with a set of necessary and well integrated built-in tools , Enable developers to fully enjoy their work and improve work efficiency .


Now look at ,Fleet Our position is not to replace our own IDEA, Just to meet those who may only need an editor , But at the same time IDEA Powerful scenarios in , Users who want to use a single tool rather than multiple special tools provide different experiences .

You feel Fleet Can challenge Visual Studio Code The position of the first brother of lightweight editor ?

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