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essence java interview offer reading

Recently I saw a very realistic story : The mentality of the land route has collapsed recently . Chen Qi, who joined the company with him at the same time, was promoted another level , But when everyone entered the company , Chen Qi, regardless of education or work experience , Everything is not as good as yourself , At present, in just two years, he has jumped above his rank , This really made him a little unwilling . I don't understand by land , Obviously I work very hard , Company requirements 996, He can't wait 007, Almost treat the company as a family . In contrast, Chen Qi , Get off work almost at o'clock . More Than This , It's quite “ except ” Take part in all kinds of interest classes after work . It is called cultivating interest and improving ability , But on land , It's just tossing around . But Chen Qi's “ act blindly ”, But it brought him a substantial improvement , And stick to the land road that has done enough superficial work on the company's post , Except for a small promotion six months ago , Then there was no more movement . Look at the workplace , Encounter land like this “ bottleneck ” In fact, there are not a few . And the reason behind it ,“ be frustrated for all one 's talent ” It's a kind of , But more , But it is self paralysis and deception caused by inefficient efforts , In fact, we are standing still , And in a highly competitive workplace , But always do not advance or retreat , The survival law of the survival of the fittest .
This story tells us a truth : Only by continuous learning can people make continuous progress , One carrot at a time , One step at a time , If you pay, you will get a harvest. If you don't pay, you will get no harvest ! Never too old to learn , Learning is cumulative , Little by little , Maybe the following interview questions can help you , At least I won't feel blind or even confused to learn !!! The only way to occupy the commanding height of life is to learn , Keep improving yourself . come on. ! Fen qing 、、、、、、

JAVA Organize the core knowledge
JVM,JAVA aggregate , The Internet ,JAVA Multithreaded concurrency ,JAVA Basics ,Spring principle , Microservices ,Zookeeper,Kafka,RabbitMQ,Hbase,MongoDB,Cassandra, Design patterns , Load balancing , database , Consistent Hashing ,JAVA Algorithm , data structure , encryption Algorithm , Distributed cache .

Java relevant
Interview questions
(1)JVM Memory model ?
(2)GC Garbage collection algorithm ?
(3) Explain the new generation Old age ?
(4)java What are the basic types of ?String Is it right? java Basic type ?String Why if final Type of ?
(5) The way JVM Thread model of ? What are these areas for ?java Thread model and jvm Pay attention to the distinction of thread model ?
my JAVA Learning notes
(1)JAVA Interview treasure

Redis Learn the mind map

Interview questions
(1)edis Understand? ? Tell me how to use redis Implement distributed locks ?
(2)Redis Common data structure and underlying data structure implementation ?
(3) How to solve Redis The concurrent competition of Key problem ?
(4) How to ensure the cache and database double write data consistency ?

my Redis Learning notes
(1)14 High frequency Redis Knowledge point
(2) Why use redis / Why cache ( High performance 、 High concurrency )
(3) Why use redis without map/guava Do the cache ?
(4)redis and memcached The difference between
(5)redis Common data structure and usage scenario analysis (String、Hash、List、Set、Sorted Set)
(6)redis Set expiration time
(7)redis Memory obsolescence mechanism (MySQL Are there in 2000w data ,Redis The only known 20w The data of , How to ensure Redis The data in is hot data ?)
(8)redis Persistence mechanism ( How to guarantee redis Data can be recovered by restarting after being hung up )
(9)redis Business
(10)Redis Common exceptions and Solutions ( Cache penetration 、 Cache avalanche 、 Cache preheating 、 Cache degradation )
(11) Common application scenarios in distributed environment ( Distributed lock 、 Distributed auto increment ID)
(12)Redis Cluster pattern ( A master-slave mode 、 Sentinel mode 、Cluster Cluster pattern )
(13) How to solve Redis The concurrent competition of Key problem
(14) How to ensure the cache and database double write data consistency ?

MySQL Learn the mind map

MySQL Related interview questions
(1)MySQL What locks are there ?
(2) Explain it. ACID What are they
(3)Innodb The implementation of index in
(4)B+ Trees
(5)AUTO_INCREMENT principle ( Look at concurrency )
(6) What are the indexes of the database ? Why use B+ Trees to index ? What's the difference between a composite index and several individual indexes ? Database large table query optimization understand ?MVCC Mechanism understanding ?MVCC What's wrong with the mechanism ? How to solve this problem ?mysql Have you ever done slow sentence tuning ? Tell me how you did it ?

my MySQL Learning notes
(1)20 High frequency MySQL Interview knowledge
(2) Four characteristics of transaction (ACID) Atomicity 、 Uniformity 、 Isolation, 、 persistence ?
(3) Concurrency of transactions ? Transaction isolation level , What is the problem with each level ,MySQL Which level is the default ?
(4)MySQL Three common storage engines (InnoDB、MyISAM、MEMORY) The difference between ?
(5)MySQL Of MyISAM And InnoDB Two storage engines in , Business 、 Lock level , Their applicable scenarios ?
(6) Different elements of query statement (where、jion、limit、group by、having wait ) Order of execution ?
(7) What is a temporary watch , When is the temporary table deleted ?
(8)MySQL B+Tree Index and Hash The difference between indexes ?
(9)sql The query statement determines which type of index to create ? How to optimize queries ?
(10) The difference between a clustered index and a nonclustered index ?
(11) What locks are there ( Optimistic lock pessimistic lock ),select How to lock it ?
(12) The difference between non relational database and relational database , Advantage comparison ?
(13) Three paradigms of database , Design a data table based on a scenario ?
(14) Read write separation of database 、 Master slave copy , The master-slave replicates the analyzed 7 A question ?
(15) Use explain Optimize sql And index ?
(16)MySQL How to solve slow query ?
(17) What is? Internal connection 、 External connection 、 Cross connect 、 Cartesian product ?
(18)mysql There's no lock , Deadlock determination principle and specific scenarios , How to solve deadlock ?
(19)varchar and char Usage scenarios of ?
(20)mysql High concurrency environment solution ?
(21) Recovery mechanism of transaction in case of database crash (REDO Journal and UNDO journal )?

Multithreading concurrent programming learning mind map

thinking / Algorithm
Interview questions
(1) Use O(N) Complexity complete GBDT split
(2) Find the longest distance in the opposite order
(3) Give a rand5(), To achieve a uniform distribution of rand7() generator
(4) There is one point , Go north 5 km 、 Go east 10km、 Go south 5 km , Back to the origin . There are several points like this , prove .
(5) There is one n G object 、 A balance and some weights , This balance has no scale , How many weights can be used at least to weigh the mass of this object . The mass and number of weights are specified by themselves .
Algorithm Brush problem
(1) Programming skills
(2) The linear table
(3) character string
(4) Stacks and queues
(5) Trees
(6) Sort
(7) lookup
(8) Violence enumeration
(9) Breadth first search
(10) Depth-first search
(11) Divide and conquer method
(12) The law of greed
(13) Dynamic programming
(14) chart
(15) Details of the implementation of the problem

Network related
Interview questions
(1)OSI What are the seven level models ?
(2) For example, network protocol , Which floor are they on ?
(3)TCP UDP difference ?
(4)TCP How to make a reliable connection ?
(5)Time_Wait in 2msl Why? ?
(6) If TCP Suddenly the receiver fails What's going to happen ?
(7)HTTP Status code meaning ,503 504,200?
(8)GET POST difference ?
(9) One url What is the process from input to access ?


* Conclusion **
The interview is easy, but if you want to interview your favorite company, you must work hard to learn , You must consider all the questions asked by the interviewer. Don't take chances to interview , Because I had all kinds of interview experience before , So far, all kinds of interview questions have been retained , I am willing to share it with friends in need free of charge. At the same time, some interview teaching videos can also be shared with you , Welcome to come to me to get !!! Little partners who need the full version of information like it + Focus on , Home page private letter is OK

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