Dropzone, Linux tutorial video collection

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dropzone linux tutorial video collection

The most obvious way is to instantiate a when selecting an object dropzone, Manually create... As before dropzones The way .

Common methods :

Because we need to use dropzone Some styles provided , For example, when previewing, picture style, etc , In this way, you can create it manually , But you also need to use dropzone  Style class , This will lead to initialization twice , An error will be reported on the console , At this time, you need to set the following code before manual initialization :

// Prevent Dropzone from auto discovering this element:

Dropzone.options.myAwesomeDropzone = false;

// This is useful when you want to create the

// Dropzone programmatically later

// Disable auto discover for all elements:

Dropzone.autoDiscover = false;

Example :

Drag the file here
Or click here to open the file manager and select a file

Like above , Both can use dropzone The style of , You can also manually initialize the upload .

configuration option

| Parameters | describe |

| — | — |

| url | except form Elements other than element must specify this parameter ( Or when form Element has no operation attribute ). You can also provide a function , Parameter is files And must return url(since v3.12.0) |

| method | The default is "post", If necessary, you can also set it to "put". You can also provide a function , Parameter is files And must return this method(since v3.12.0) |

| parallelUploads | How many files are uploaded at the same time .( See the queue file upload section for more information ) |

| maxFilesize | Company MB |

| filesizeBase | Default 1000. Whether the basis of this definition should use 1000 or 1024 To calculate the file size .1000 It works , because 1000 Bytes are equal to 1 kilobytes ,1024 byte = 1 Kibibyte. You can change it to 1024, If you don't care about effectiveness . |

| paramName | The parameter name received by the file upload backend . Default file. Be careful : If you set uploadMult

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iple by true, that Dropzone Will [] Attach to this name , That is, the backend receives a file[] Array . |

| uploadMultiple | Dropzone Whether to send multiple files in one request . If it's set to true, then fallback Part of the input The element must have multiple attribute . This option will also trigger other events ( Such as processingmultiple). For more information , See the events section . |

| headers | An object that sends an additional header to the server . Such as :headers: { "My-Awesome-Header": "header value" } |

| addRemoveLinks | This will add a link to each file , Delete or cancel preview file ( If it has been uploaded ).dictCancelUploaddictCancelUploadConfirmation and dictRemoveFile Three parameters are optional . |

| previewsContainer | Definition file preview display . If null Just use Dropzone default . You can use an ordinary html Element or css Selectors . The chosen html Element must contain dropzone-previews The style class ensures that the preview is displayed normally . |

| clickable | If true,dropzone The element itself will be clickable , If false Will not be clickable . Besides , It can also be an ordinary html perhaps css Selectors , Indicates that clicking this element triggers the resource manager . |

| createImageThumbnails | |

| maxThumbnailFilesize | Company MB. When the file name exceeds this limit , Thumbnails will not be generated . |

| thumbnailWidth | If null, The scale of the image will be used to calculate it . |

| thumbnailHeight | And thumbnailWidth equally . If both are null, The image will not be adjusted . |

| maxFiles | If not for null, Define how many files will be processed . If exceeded , event maxfilesexceeded Will be called . Accordingly dropzone Element gets the class dz-max—files-reached, So you can provide visual feedback . |

| resize | The function called when creating adjustment information .file As the first parameter of the function , At the same time, an object containing srcXsrcYsrcWidth 、srcHeight  And the same  trg*. These values will be used for ctx.drawImage() function . |

| init | Dropzone Function called during initialization . You can set the event listener in this function . |

| acceptedFiles | accept The default implementation function of the function , For checking files mime Type or extension . This is a comma separated mime An array of types and file extensions . Such as .image/*,application/pdf,.psd. If Dropzone yes clickable, This option will be used as accept Parameter input of function . |

| accept | A receiver file and done Function as parameter input function . If done Function call has no arguments , The file will be processed . If you are in the done The parameter... Was passed in the function ( Such as error messages ) Files will not be uploaded . If the file is too large or does not match mime Type this function will not call . |

| autoProcessQueue | When set to false, You have to call... Yourself myDropzone.processQueue() Upload files . For more information , See below about processing queues . |

| previewTemplate | A string , It contains templates for each image . Change it to meet your needs , But make sure you provide all the elements correctly . You can create such a container in the page :id="preview-template"( Set up style=“display: none;”), And then set it up like this :previewTemplate: document.querySelector('preview-template').innerHTML. |

| forceFallback | The default value is false. If true,fallback Will be forcibly used . This is a very useful first way to test server implementation , Make sure everything is as expected , And test your fallback Show how . |

| fallback | Function called when the browser does not support . The default implementation shows fallback Internal input Field and add a text . |

| For custom dropzone, You can also use these options |

| dictDefaultMessage | Information displayed before any file is dragged into the area . This is usually an image , But the default is “Drop files here to upload”. |

| dictFallbackMessage | If the browser does not support , The default message will be replaced with this text . The default is “Your browser does not support drag’n’drop file uploads.”. |

| dictFallbackText | This will be added to input file Before . If you offer one fallback Elements , Or the option is empty, which will be ignored . The default is “Please use the fallback form below to upload your files like in the olden days.”. |

| dictInvalidFileType | If the file types do not match, the error message displayed . |

| dictFileTooBig | Displays when the file is too large .{ {filesize}}` and  { {maxFilesize}}` Will be replaced . |

| dictResponseError | If the server response is invalid, the error message displayed .{ {statusCode}}` Will be replaced by the status code returned by the server . |

| dictCancelUpload | If addRemoveLinks by true, Text the text used to cancel the upload link . |

| dictCancelUploadConfirmation | If addRemoveLinks by true, Text is used to cancel the uploaded text . |

| dictRemoveFile | If addRemoveLinks by true, Text used to delete a file . |

| dictMaxFilesExceeded | If set maxFiles, This will be an error message when the setting is exceeded . |

You can also override all default action options . If you provide drop Option can override the default event handler . You should be familiar with the code , Because you can easily master such Uploads . If you just want to make additional changes , For example, add some filters , Can listen for events .

File upload queue

When a file is added to dropzone, Its status Set to Dropzone.QUEUED(accept After the function check passes ), This means that the file is now in the queue .

If you can choose autoProcessQueue Set to true, Then the queue is processed immediately , After the file is deleted or an upload is completed , By calling .processQueue(), Check how many files are being uploaded , If it's less than option.parallelUploads,.processFile Will be called .

If you autoProcessQueue Set to false, that .processQueue() Will not be implicitly called . This means that when you want to upload all the files in the current queue, you must call it yourself .


Generate a preview for each file HTML, Set up dropzone Defined options previewTemplate, The default is :


When the file is in the process of uploading ,dz-preview Medium dz-processing Will be displayed ; When the file is uploaded dz-success Will be displayed ; If the file upload error or no network dz-error Will be displayed , here data-dz-errormessage The content of will be the information returned by the server .

Override the default template , You can use... In the configuration previewTemplate Options .

You can file.previewElement To access the file HTML preview , And set any events . Such as :

success: function (file, response, e) {

var res = JSON.parse(response);

if (res.error) {

$(file.previewTemplate).children(’.dz-error-mark’).css(‘opacity’, ‘1’)



If you want to break the rules and rewrite previewElement, You can add... To the elements you want data-dz-* attribute :

  • data-dz-name

  • data-dz-size

  • data-dz-thumbnail ( This must be  <img />  Elements , Then the element's  alt  and  src  Properties will be Dropzone Automatically change to the corresponding value )

  • data-dz-uploadprogress ( When the file is in the process of uploading Dropzone Will change the of this element  style.width  Value , from 0% To 100%)

  • data-dz-errormessage

Dropzone Will look for these elements , And change the default options and update its contents .

If you want some specific links, delete a file ( Not built in addRemoveLinks To configure ), You can simply insert the template of the element data-dz-remove attribute .

Click me to remove the file.

You don't have to be forced by these usage conventions . If you completely override all default event listeners, you can rebuild your layout from scratch .

If you want your dropzone Look like official Page like that , Use the add style sheets and provided in the installation section spritemaps that will do .

See the theme section , See how to change Dropzone Of UI.

Officials created an example , Configure a few lines of code , Give Way Dropzone It looks and feels exactly the same as jQuery File upload is almost .Check it out!

Dropzone Method

If you want to delete the added files , You can call .removeFile(file). This method also triggers removedfile event .

Here's an example , The file will be deleted automatically after uploading :

myDropzone.on(“complete”, function(file) {



If you want to delete all the files , Simply use .removeAllFiles(). Files being uploaded will not be deleted . If you want to cancel the file being uploaded , call .removeAllFiles(true) The upload will be canceled .

If you set it autoProcessQueue by false, You have to call .processQueue() Upload .

visit dropzone All files in , Use myDropzone.files.

  • All acceptable documents :.getAcceptedFiles()

  • So the rejected file :.getRejectedFiles()

  • All files in the queue :.getQueuedFiles()

  • Upload all files in :.getUploadingFiles()

If you don't need one anymore dropzone, Call with current sample .disable(), This will remove the event on that element 、 file . Reactivate use .enable().`

If you don't like the browser's default confirm, You can override Dropzone.confirm Deal with them :

Dropzone.confirm = function(question, accepted, rejected) {

// Ask the question, and call accepted() or rejected() accordingly.

// CAREFUL: rejected might not be defined. Do nothing in that case.



Dropzone Trigger event when processing file , You can call... Through the current instance .on(eventName, callbackFunction) Monitoring events .

Because listening to events can only be Dropzone example , Set up your event listener , The best place is in init function .

Dropzone.options.myAwesomeDropzone = {

init: function() {

this.on(“addedfile”, function(file) { alert(“Added file.”); });



If you create it manually dropzones, You can set the event listener of the instance , Just like this. :

// This example uses jQuery so it creates the Dropzone, only when the DOM has

// loaded.

// Disabling autoDiscover, otherwise Dropzone will try to attach twice.

Dropzone.autoDiscover = false;

// or disable for specific dropzone:

// Dropzone.options.myDropzone = false;

$(function() {

// Now that the DOM is fully loaded, create the dropzone, and setup the

// event listeners

var myDropzone = new Dropzone("#my-dropzone");

myDropzone.on(“addedfile”, function(file) {

/* Maybe display some more file information on your page */



This is more complicated , There is no need for , Unless you have a good reason to manage instantiation Dropzones.

Dropzone Itself heavily dependent on events , Visual display is done through monitoring . These event listeners are set up in each Dropzone Default configuration , You can override , This replaces the default behavior and implements its own event callback .

List of events

Do not override these configuration options , Unless you know what you're doing .
event describe
All these receive event As the first parameter
drop The user releases the file to dropzone
dragstart The user starts dragging files anywhere
dragend Drag end
dragenter Users drag files to Dropzone
dragover The user drags a file through Dropzone
dragleave The user drags a file away Dropzone
All these receive file As the first parameter
addedfile When a file is added to the list
removedfile Delete a file from the list . You can listen to this event and delete the file from your server
thumbnail Generate thumbnails . receive dataUrl As the second parameter
error There was a mistake . receive errorMessage As the second parameter , If the error is due to XMLHttpRequest xhr Object is the third parameter .
processing When a file is processed ( Because the queue will not process all files immediately ). This incident happened in processingfile It was triggered before .
uploadprogress Whenever the file upload process changes, it triggers . get progress As the second parameter , It's a percentage (0 - 100) and bytesSent As the third parameter , Is the number of bytes that have been sent to the server . When the upload is complete dropzone Make sure uploadprogress by 100% And be called once .Warning: This function can be called multiple times using the same progress.
sending Sending in each file is triggered .file For the first parameter ,xhr Objects and formData Object as the second and third parameters , You can modify them ( Such as adding CSRF token ) Or add additional data .
success The file has been uploaded successfully .file For the first parameter , Get the server response as the second parameter .( This incident is in finished Trigger before .
complete Upload success or error .
canceled When a file upload is cancelled .
maxfilesreached The number of documents received arrives at maxFiles At the limit
maxfilesexceeded Every file was rejected , Because the number of files exceeds maxFiles Trigger at the limit
All these received files As the first parameter , And just be uploadMultiple by true Trigger when
processingmultiple see processing Description of .
sendingmultiple see sending Description of .
successmultiple see success Description of .
completemultiple see complete Description of .
canceledmultiple see canceled Description of .
Special events
totaluploadprogress Include parameters when triggering total uploadProgress(0 - 100),totalBytes and totalBytesSent. This event can be used to display the overall upload progress of all files
reset When called, all files in the list are deleted ,dropzone Reset to initial state .
queuecomplete When all files in the queue are uploaded .

The theme

If you want to be right Dropzone The theme is completely customized , in the majority of cases , You can simply replace HTML Template preview , adjustment CSS, You can also create some additional event listeners .

Officials created an example , Configure a few lines of code , Give Way Dropzone It looks and feels exactly the same as jQuery File upload is almost .Check it out!. As you can see , The biggest change is previewTemplate. Then I added some additional event listeners to make it look like it meets my requirements .

However , You can implement your... Completely from scratch UI.

Override the default event listener , Create your own custom Dropzone, It can be like this :

// This is an example of completely disabling Dropzone’s default behavior.

// Do not use this unless you really know what you are doing.

Dropzone.myDropzone.options = {

previewTemplate: document.querySelector(’#template-container’).innerHTML,

// Specifing an event as an configuration option overwrites the default

// addedfile event handler.

addedfile: function(file) {

file.previewElement = Dropzone.createElement(this.options.previewTemplate);

// Now attach this new element some where in your page


thumbnail: function(file, dataUrl) {

// Display the image in your file.previewElement


uploadprogress: function(file, progress, bytesSent) {

// Display the progress


// etc…


The above code obviously lacks practical implementation . Look at the source code , have a look Dropzone Internal implementation .

If you don't need any default Dropzone UI, Only right Dropzone The event handler for 、 Interested in file upload and drag functions , Then you should use the above options for event handling .


If you don't want the default message prompt ( Drag file upload ( Or click )), You can be in your dropzone Add an element containing class to the element dz-message, such dropzone Will not create a message for you .

Dropzone Or submit your settings form All hidden form field information in . So when you are using form In the form of elements , This is a simple way to submit additional data , As for get still post It's up to you form Of method. Of course you can js Add other parameters to the configuration .

When the event binding is complete ,Dropzone Data will be added to file object . If it is image Words , You can go through file.width  and  file.height Access the width and height of the picture . and file.upload The object will contain the following information :progress (0-100), total ( The total byte ) and bytesSent( Bytes uploaded ). In this way, you can customize the upload progress bar by writing information here .

If you want to add extra to the uploaded file ( When there are multiple files, it will be specific to each file ), You can register to send events :

myDropzone.on(“sending”, function(file, xhr, formData) {

// Will send the filesize along with the file as POST data.

formData.append(“filesize”, file.size);


After the file was uploaded , Can pass file.previewElement Access the preview of the uploaded file html. for example :

myDropzone.on(“addedfile”, function(file) {

file.previewElement.addEventListener(“click”, function() {




If you want the whole body It's all one Dropzone Instance and show a file preview somewhere , Then you can simply body Instantiate a Dropzone object , Prompt definition previewsContainer  Options . This previewsContainer It can be dropzone-previews or dropzone class , In order to display the file preview correctly :

new Dropzone(document.body, {

previewsContainer: “.dropzone-previews”,

// You probably don’t want the whole body

// to be clickable to select files

clickable: false


Can be in github wiki Look for more examples .


This section describes Dropzone Compatible with browsers and older versions .

Browser support :

  • Chrome 7+

  • Firefox 4+

  • IE 10+

  • Opera 12+ (MacOS V12 Version not available , Because of its API There is a problem )

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