Tomcat is as angry as dead

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tomcat angry dead


Run in the morning idea in tomcat Normal , At noon, the computer went dormant for two hours , When used again in the afternoon tomcat Running close to 20 Minutes to start , I can't start debug Interface , Can't see the breakpoint ( Although the code interface does not , But there was a breakpoint before my computer went to sleep , When I came at noon, it was gone ) I really took it. I couldn't find many ways. I'm so angry. I'm so angry , The port number has not been occupied , I'm so angry. Can someone help me? I just looked at it , There's really no breakpoint. I'm really going to explode !!!!


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In general, restart in this case idea, If you can't, restart the computer .
Maybe it's because the computer runs for a long time , It's jammed .

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Turn off the computer and restart , Or go tomcat The installation package is closed tomcat then idea Open it again in the software

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