Open source lightweight im framework mobileimsdk V6 1.2 release

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open source lightweight im framework

One 、 Update content introduction

This update is a minor version update , Several optimizations have been carried out ( Update history see :
Code cloud  Release Nodes
). It may be the only one on the market that supports  
Similar open source of the three protocols IM frame .

Two 、MobileIMSDK brief introduction

  It is a set of original software specially developed for mobile terminal IM Communication layer framework :
  • after 8 year 、 Time-tested ;
  • ultra-lightweight 、 Highly refined ,lib package 50KB within ;
  • Carefully encapsulated , A set of API Support at the same time UDP、TCP、WebSocket Three agreements ( It may be the only open source in the whole network );
  • Client support  
    standard Java
    ( In development ..)、
    ( In development ..);
  • Server based on Netty, Performance is remarkable 、 extensible ;
  • Can work with sister projects  
      Seamless interworking to realize web chat or push, etc ;
  • Can be applied across devices 、 Cross network chat APP、 Enterprises OA、 Various scenarios such as message push .
MobileIMSDK The project began with 2013 year 10 month , Originally used as the underlying implementation of instant messaging for a product , Completely developed from zero , Technology is autonomous and controllable !
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View about MobileIMSDK Of
Detailed introduction

3、 ... and 、 Code managed synchronous updates
  • Managed code :

  • Project information : 
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  • Managed code :
  • Project information : 
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Four 、MobileIMSDK Design objectives

Let developers focus on the development of application logic , The underlying complex instant messaging algorithm is left to SDK Developer , So as to solve the complexity of instant messaging application development .

5、 ... and 、MobileIMSDK Frame composition

A complete set of MobileIMSDK The frame consists of the following 5 Part of it is made up of :
  • Android client SDK: be used for Android Instant messaging client , Support Android 2.3 And above ,
    see API file
  • iOS client SDK: Used to develop iOS Instant messaging client , Support iOS 8.0 And above ,
    see API file
  • Java client SDK: For developing cross platform PC End instant messaging client , Support Java 1.6 And above ,
    see API file
  • H5 client SDK: No open source version ,
    View the refined annotation version
  • Server side SDK: Used to develop instant messaging server , Support Java 1.7 And above ,
    see API file
A complete set of MobileIMSDK The architecture of the framework :

  in addition :
MobileIMSDK Can work with sister projects  
  Seamless interworking , So as to achieve Web Web chat or push .

6、 ... and 、MobileIMSDK v6.1.2 Update the content  

【 Important note 】:
MobileIMSDK v6.1.2  Is a minor version , Several optimizations have been carried out ! 
Check the details
【 Solved Bug】:
  • [Andior/iOS] Solved when the network is disconnected , The packet in the retransmission queue does not increase the number of retransmissions, so it is always retransmitted ;
  • [iOS]  It's solved RMMapper In the library , Because of overriding the parent class copyWithZone Method, which leads to the problem that the animation effect in some projects does not work !
【 Other optimization and improvement 】:
  • [Andiord]Andriod End Demo The complete proguard Confusing configuration , Otherwise someone will be right Demo Conduct “realease” when , It will run and report errors ;
  • [iOS]  In the previous version Protocal Class forgot to fill in “sm” Field , It's up now ;
  • [ Server side ]  Server side Demo Synchronize to the latest project , The previously submitted version did not merge the latest version correctly lib etc. ;
  • [ Server side ]  upgrade log4j2 to 2.15.0, solve Log4j2 Remote code execution high risk vulnerability ;
  • [Andiord]Andriod End SDK and Demo engineering targetSdkVersion Upgrade to 30;
  • [Andriod]Andriod End TCP Version of the agreement Netty The library loading method is changed to gradle load ;
【 Version address 】:
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