Huawei's strongest developer shares the Java job interview guide to help you interview big companies

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huawei strongest developer shares java


This guide is applicable to the application for entry-level positions 、 intermediate 、 Middle and senior positions , There is a certain Java Basics , Want to change a job or graduate, want to find a job and use it to sort out knowledge points . The content will not be as clear as other formal books , The rules are natural , There are a lot of wordy things , The main focus here is on practicality . The author and his friends 2021 Interviews years ago and years later 20 Several companies ,OFFER The pass rate reaches 80%, Through continuous summary and analysis, we have completed 《Java Job interview guide 》 The first version of , I hope it can be a reference for you .



The first part When is it suitable to apply for a job ?

If you search online , Many people will reply that September is the peak time for graduates to enter the society , Golden nine and silver ten are also the golden period for changing jobs . It seems that everything has something to do with gold, nine and ten , Real estate 、 tourism 、 Looking for a job and so on ; I feel that if graduates wait until golden nine silver ten to find a job , I guess it's hard to find the right one . Today's college students seem to graduate in June and July , The last half semester of many schools is the time for students to do graduation design and find a job , There are also the largest number of enterprises to recruit students during the Spring Festival . It cannot be denied that September and October are not suitable for job hunting , But it is suggested to find a job as soon as possible , If you're ready , You can find a job anytime , And the sooner the better .

For friends with social work experience , Many people may think that the beginning of the year is the best time to find a job , Because I took it , And many enterprises will provide many positions at the beginning of the year ; But I don't think it's suitable to find a job at the beginning of the year , And suitable for entry , It's best to get the new job done by the end of the year . At the end of last year 51JOB, Zhaopin LTD , The positions provided by professional recruitment websites such as Liepin are analyzed , Positions at the end of the year may not be as many as at the beginning of the year , But in terms of benefits and company size , All very good . And from the friends around , Have a spring festival , Go home and relax completely , Come back for two or three weeks to find the feeling , Go for an interview at this time , The success rate is much lower . Of course, most of the above are personal suggestions , Work is bad , Anytime ; In especial IT industry , The longer you stay in a company , The further away from New Technology , Looking for a satisfactory job is very important for yourself and the company , It's all advantageous .

The first 01 Chapter resume

If you are a newly graduated college student , It is suggested that we can go to 51job Or find out the notes on your resume on the Internet , The above is very detailed , I'm too lazy to drag down so many details and occupy space , Please be careful with your resume , A good resume is an interview , If your resume is not written well , Then the following content is useless , Here is a brief introduction to the precautions of resume , In the appendix , I will put a resume template for your reference .

1、 The basic information is simple and clear, like name 、 Gender 、 School major 、 Education 、 Telephone 、 email 、 These are necessary to apply for a position , Never be concise , As for the date of birth , Political outlook and so on can choose ; Personal suggestions such as salary and address don't need to be written , If you write down the salary requirements , Be sure to add left and right words or give a range , Leave yourself some room for negotiation .

2、 Information should be true, and honesty is the most basic premise of communication , Whether for the employing enterprise or getting along with colleagues in the future , If you don't have much attention in your resume , You can make up for it through a cover letter or something ( The following appendix will mention ); Don't try to get a job by creating false resume information ,IT When you apply for a job in this industry, you should provide a diploma , graduate degree's diploma , Experienced employees should also provide proof of resignation , Many companies will verify your resume information ( Ali has an archive of job seekers , Bad job seekers may be blacklisted , There will never be a chance to hire ), So the information should be as true as possible , If a newly graduated student feels that his resume is empty , Just write in the internship and graduation project to enrich it . If some hardware information in the resume cannot meet the requirements of the employer , It can be changed , Remove this information from your resume , After all IT The industry pays more attention to strength , adopt OFFER Later and HR Just explain clearly .

3. Modest and moderate 、 Do not publicize newly graduated job seekers , You can often see a lot on your resume CoreJava, Master SSH…… In short, there are many proficient in , Mastering this word is a very publicized word , It can be said that in the actual interview, it is difficult for one candidate to reach the proficient level of technical requirements . Confidence is indispensable , But don't make too much publicity , It's easy to make interviewers feel bad , It feels like you're a little flashy , So in addition to being proficient, you can also use some proficient , This is a very cunning word . Although this high-profile publicity does not mention chang , But you can't be too modest , For example, a resume is full of “ A little bit ”、“ understand ”、“ Did you learn ” And so on. , Although business units like honesty , But I paid you to work , Such a resume even HR You can't do anything at a glance , It may not reach the interviewer . In addition, the things on your resume should be consistent with your practical experience , Don't try to show that you have a wide range of knowledge , Experienced , The mess is all written , Know that everything on your resume is the questions that the interviewer may ask you , Before writing your resume, be clear about whether each technology you write can withstand the interviewer's questions , Many job seekers post their resumes , I don't know much about the above contents , This is taboo .

4、 Project experience is not easy to be too long, resume project experience is not easy to be too much , Generally, four to six are appropriate , Write what you think is the most representative , Then describe it in detail OK 了 ; Don't write down projects that involve three or two lines of code , If the interviewer is serious , You may think you don't know much about the project , Leave a negative impression ; If you have too much project experience , You can also modify the project experience in your resume for the position , This way, the hit rate is higher . In fact, excellent employees generally have their favorite company , I hope you will have such a company in the future .

5、 This cover letter is mainly for newly graduated job seekers , Actual work experience may not yet , The resume is sometimes blank , It's easy to be buried in a large number of resumes ; Writing a cover letter will help you get a bigger interview . The purpose of the cover letter is to let the other party know themselves 、 Believe in yourself 、 Hire yourself , It is a kind of private letter to the public and asking for the public . But the format has certain requirements , The content should be concise 、 clear , Don't be vague 、 general 、 ing .


Mybatis frame

11.1resultType and resultMap The difference between :

It belongs to the test of small hit rate , Difficulty is not great , But the passing rate is not high , The most frequently used thing is often the easiest to ignore it , So it's necessary to understand . Refer to the answer :MyBatis In query select When mapping , Return type can be used resultType, It can also be used. resultMap;resultType Is a direct representation of the return type (PO class ), and resultMap To the outside ResultMap References to ( stay po.xml Mapping configured in key-->value Relationship ), however resultType Follow resultMap Can't exist at the same time .

stay MyBatis Query mapping , In fact, every attribute found is put in a corresponding Map Inside , Where key is property name , Value is its corresponding value .

When the return type property provided is resultType when ,MyBatis Will Map The key value pairs in it are assigned to resultType Property corresponding to the specified object . So actually MyBatis The return type of each query mapping of is ResultMap, Only when the return type property provided is resultType When ,MyBatis To assign a corresponding value to resultType Properties of the specified object . When the return type provided is resultMap when , because Map Can't represent domain model well , We need to further transform it into corresponding objects . because returnType In return PO The properties in the default as key value , So you have to make sure PO The properties in are consistent with the fields in the database table , Otherwise, you need to configure the mapping relationship .


Spring frame
12.1 Why use Spring analysis :

because Spring More content , Directly asked , If you haven't made any preparations , It's easy to make people dizzy , In fact, it's not difficult to answer . Why use ?

First of all, let's talk about the author's design Spring The purpose of , Then talk about Spring The advantages of , Finally, let's talk about it Spring Advantages brought by .

Refer to the answer :Rod Johnson In the design Spring The purpose is , In order to solve the complexity of enterprise application development , Give Way J2EE It's easier to develop .Spring Design advantages : Lightweight : be relative to EJB For this heavyweight container ,Spring Of IOC Is completely independent of the underlying container , Zero invasive design . Easy to develop and test , be relative to EJB for ,Spring Easy to deploy , And it can run on any J2ee Supported containers , perhaps APP in .

Inversion of control (IOC):Spring Loose coupling is achieved by using inversion of control technology , Dependencies are injected into objects , Instead of creating or looking for dependent objects .

Face to face (AOP): It solves the shortage of object-oriented ,Spring Support for aspect oriented programming , At the same time, the business logic of the application is separated from the service of the system .

Business management :Spring Powerful transaction management function , Support declarative and programmatic transactions , Able to handle local transactions ( A database ) Or global transactions ( Multiple data , use JTA).

exception handling : because Java Of JDBC,Hibernate etc. API There are many ways to throw checkedexception, And many developers can't handle exceptions well .Spring Provides a unified API Will these checked exception The exception of is converted to Spring Of unchecked exception.

SpringMVC frame

Spring To achieve one's own MVC frame , High performance , Can replace struts2, And there is no need to consider spring Integration issues . because Spring The advantages of , It has been favored by a lot of users , Especially big companies like Ali pay attention to Spring Application .


Database part


JVM series



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