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mysql work physical book scanning

《MySQL How it works : Understand from the root
MySQL》 In a humorous way , Yes MySQL This paper introduces the underlying operation principle of , It covers the use of MySQL Some of the core concepts in job interviews and job interviews are common .

《MySQL How it works : Understand from the root MySQL》 A total of 22
Chapter , Divided into 4 Parts of . The first 1 Part of it introduces MySQL Some of the basics , such as MySQL What are the server programs and client programs of 、MySQL Startup options and system variables for , And the character set used . The first 2 This part is the basis of the following chapters of this book , It introduces MySQL Some basic knowledge of , Like records 、 page 、 Indexes 、 The structure and usage of table space . The first 3 Some of them are closely related to the query optimization problems that we often encounter in our work , Single table query is introduced 、 The execution principle of join query ,MySQL What does optimization based on cost and rules mean , And detailed analysis of Explain Statement execution result . The first 4 Part of it is related to MySQL Transactions in are lock related , The source of transaction concept is introduced ,MySQL How to implement transactions , Include redo journal 、undo journal 、MVCC、 Details of various locks, etc .

Even though 《MySQL How it works : Understand from the root
MySQL》 Reference in writing MySQL The source code version is 5.7.22, But most of the content has little to do with the specific version number . Whether it's a long time ago MySQL The people of the experts , I hope to further improve my skills DBA, Even in three or five years “ Adorable new ”, This book is all about what they know MySQL Excellent books on principles of operation .

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