Why spring?

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A detailed description ?

Take the answer 1:

1. Easy decoupling , To facilitate the development (Spring It's a big factory , You can leave the creation of all objects and the maintenance of dependencies to spring management )

2.spring Support aop Programming (spring Provide aspect oriented programming , It can conveniently realize the functions of permission interception and operation monitoring of the program )

3. Support for declarative transactions ( Transaction support is completed through configuration , No manual programming is required )

4. Convenient program testing ,spring Yes junit4 Support , It's easy to test with annotations spring Program

5. Convenient integration of various excellent frameworks

6. Reduce javaEE API The difficulty of using (Spring Yes javaEE Some very difficult to use in development API for example JDBC,javaMail, Remote call, etc , Package is available , It's these API The difficulty of application is greatly reduced )

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