Springboot from getting started to getting started (six orm-jpa-2 custom SQL)

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springboot getting started getting started

One .entity Defined on the

1.entity Definition SQL

@Table(name = "user", schema = "test", catalog = "")
@NamedQuery(name = "UserEntity.all", query = "select u from UserEntity u ")
public class UserEntity {
private int id;
private String name;
private String email;

2.repository Call in

List<UserEntity> all();

Two .repository In the definition of

1. Non-native SQL- Attention and primordial SQL The difference in writing

@Query("select u from UserEntity u")
List<UserEntity> getAll();

2. Native SQL

@Query(value = "select u.id,u.name,u.email from user u",nativeQuery = true)
List<UserEntity> getAllNative();

3. With parameters SQL- Native / Non-native identical

@Query(value = "select u from UserEntity u where u.name = :name")
List<UserEntity> getByName(@Param("name") String name);
// ?1 Represents the first formal parameter ,?2 Represents the second formal parameter , By analogy
@Query(value = "select u from UserEntity u where u.name = ?1")
List<UserEntity> getByName(String name);

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