JQuery installation and download, providing the original files that jQuery can't download

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jquery installation download providing original

jQuery Installation and download

         JQuery It's a javaScript library , It's a lightweight " Write less , Do more " Of JavaScript library .

         jQuery Greatly simplified javaScript Programming

Original file download , Micro cloud address :https://share.weiyun.com/NOSXKD7l


--juery comparison js advantage :

  • jquery Of onload Loading events is faster , And multiple loads in parallel   
    1. 【jq Binding events are all event functions used , No need to add on】;
  • js Of onload Loading event , The back covers the front ;
  • stay jQuery in ,$(  ) Is its operating environment ;
  • jQuery The modules can be divided into 3 part : Entry module 、 The underlying support module and function module .

-- jQuery The library contains the following functions :

    HTML Element selection

    HTML Element operation

    CSS operation

    HTML Event function

    JavaScript Special effects and animation

    HTML DOM Traversal and modification




jQuery Download the version of :https://jquery.com/download/



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