As a servlet container, how many working modes does Tomcat have?

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servlet container working modes tomcat

Tomcat As servlet Containers , There are several modes of operation ?

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Tomcat As servlet Containers , There are three working modes :

1、 independent servlet Containers ,servlet The container is web Part of the server ;

2、 in-process servlet Containers ,servlet The container serves as web Server plug-ins and java Implementation of container ,web The server plug-in opens a... In the internal address space jvm bring java The container runs inside . The reaction speed is fast but the flexibility is not enough ;

3、 Out of process servlet Containers ,servlet The container runs on web Address space outside the server , And as a web Server plug-ins and java The combination of container implementation . Reaction time is not as good as in-process, but scalability and stability are better than in-process ;

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