How can two rows of MySQL with the same Id be merged into one row and multiple columns?

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rows mysql id merged row

I have multiple lines of data
id name amt
1 506 100
1 505 100
2 308 20
2 606 20
id There's a lot of , First of all name The original name, The second is name The new name,amt There will be no change , The effect you want to achieve is
id primary name new name amt
1 506 505 100
2 308 606 20

Take the answer :

Perform associated query on its own table .
select d, ' primary name',b.name1 ' new name',a.amt from surface a, surface b where and<> group by;

doubt : What is the only key in the table , There is no unique column .

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You're wrong . You have a field in front of this id,name,amt. Your needs now become id,name,name2,amt. Don't you need to add a field ?

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Lack of conditions , How to distinguish the original name New name

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