How to deal with the failure to connect to the database when building jpress with docker??

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deal failure connect database building

use docker build JPress, It is set at the terminal mysql Password : docker run --name bolgmysql -d -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=123456 -e MYSQL_DATABASE=bolgdb

JPress stay 8080 The port is running , Stuck on the configuration page, saying that the user name and password are wrong ? Originally, I compiled it locally JPress, It's also running , The settings page found that... Is not supported mysql8.0, I don't really want to uninstall 8.0 install 5.7 Version of . So start all over again with docker build , I didn't expect to be docker If the account password is set in the, it still reports an error . You must uninstall the local mysql8.0 Do you ?

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Hello! , It seems to be a network problem . Please use docker inspect Get the right ip Address and then test whether it is feasible .

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