Consumption interceptor in Kafka

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consumption interceptor kafka

ConsumerRecord(topic = t6, partition = 0, leaderEpoch = 0, offset = 33, CreateTime = 1625474727852, serialized key size = -1, serialized value size = 5, headers = RecordHeaders(headers = [], isReadOnly = false), key = null, value = [[email protected]).
This is the data I got in the interceptor ,kafka Messages in are stored in value in , The need now is to judge value Whether the data in is what I want to consume , But extract value The error will be reported as follows ,value The value of is [[email protected], How to extract this value , Do you know that , Kneel down and ask for the answer


Take the answer :

value The value of is [[email protected]
This is obviously serialized Bytes Byte type
You reverse sequence into string Just ok 了

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