How do I convert the file structure of a Linux node into a logical file system?

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convert file structure linux node

Linux How is the file system passed i The node converts the logical structure of the file into the physical structure ?

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Linux adopt inode The node table transforms the logical and physical structure of the file .

inode Node is a 64 Byte long table , Table contains information about the file , Where is the size of the file 、 File owner 、 Important information such as the access permission method of the file and the type of the file . stay inode The most important part of the node table is the disk address table . In the disk address table 13 Block number , The file will read the corresponding blocks in the order in which they appear in the disk address table .

Linux The file system passes the inode The node is connected to the file name , When the file needs to be read , The file system looks up the item corresponding to the file name in the current directory table , The corresponding inode Node number , Through the inode The disk address table of the node connects the physical blocks of the scattered files into the logical structure of the files .

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