Rabbitmq startup error

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rabbitmq startup error

abbitmq web The client can log in, but in springBoot Use in admin Account startup error

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Take the answer 1:

stay rabbitmq-server Add erlang Environment variables of

Lazy initialization of threed pool size - if it wasn't set

explicitly. This parameter is only needed when server is starting,

so it makes no sense to do this calculations in rabbitmq-env or

rabbitmq-defaults scripts.

Add here erlang Environment variables of

ERLANG_HOME=/usr/local/erlang23 export PATH=$PATH:$ERLANG_HOME/bin

ensure_thread_pool_size() { if [ -z "${RABBITMQ_IO_THREAD_POOL_SIZE}" ]; then RABBITMQ_IO_THREAD_POOL_SIZE=$( erl
-boot "${CLEAN_BOOT_FILE}"
-s rabbit_misc report_default_thread_pool_size ) fi }

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