What factors should enterprises pay attention to when choosing to use the JDK version of Java vendor?

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factors enterprises pay attention choosing

Enterprises are choosing to use Java Vendor Of JDK version , What factors need to be paid attention to ?

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Factors needing attention are : 1. Security and stability : Whether the latest updates of upstream will be synchronized in time , Including security patches , Key problem repair, etc . 2. JavaSE Standard compatible : Is it consistent with the standard Java compatible . 3. Performance and efficiency : Is it possible to diagnose , Provide effective tool support for performance tuning , Help the front-line development students to solve the problem efficiently Java problem . stay JVM, To JDK (Class library) level , Whether there are optimization features for enterprise business scenarios , Can help improve resource utilization , Stability of production system, etc . 4. Fast adoption of new technology : Along with the charges ,Oracle management Java The version life cycle uses Long Term Support(LTS) The concept of ,Oracle One will be assigned every three years LTS Of Java edition ,Java 8/11 All are LTS edition . Most businesses , Especially large and medium-sized enterprises are hard to keep up with Java The rhythm of every six months , image Java 12,13 In this way Feature Release(FR) edition .

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