Oracle will specify a java version of lts every three years, and Java 8 / 11 is an lts version.

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oracle specify java version lts

Oracle One will be assigned every three years LTS Of Java edition ,Java 8/11 All are LTS edition . But most companies , It's hard to keep up Java The rhythm of every six months , image Java 12,13 In this way Feature Release(FR) edition . If the enterprise chooses Stay stay LTS On the version , such as Java 11, In the new version (Java11+) released JVM/JDK technology , Can I do this without upgrading , Enjoy these technology dividends in advance ?

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With Alibaba Dragonwell For example .2019 year 3 Alibaba open source in May Alibaba Dragonwll 8.0.0,AJDK Internally used features are also gradually open source . To just released Alibaba Dragonwell 8.3.3, It's open source JWarmup,ElasticHeap, multi-tenancy ,JFR And so on . meanwhile ,Alibaba Dragonwell As OpenJDK Downstream of , Each release will be synchronized with the latest upstream updates , Including security updates , Problem repair, etc , And through the large-scale application cluster test in Alibaba . In New Technology Adoption aspect ,Alibaba Dragonwell Currently released and maintained Java 8,11 Two LTS edition , Ali JVM The team will be based on the actual business situation , transplant Java11+ Related functions to Java 8 and 11 Two versions , such Alibaba Dragonwell Users can not follow up Java 12,13 Such as these FR In the case of version , Enjoy the technology bonus of these features in advance .

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