Which of C + + and Java has better employment prospects?

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java better employment prospects

As the title , I'm three computer science and technology majors , At present, professional courses have been studied for a long time c( high school 3 year + More than half a year ),java、python Slightly involved , But not in depth , I feel c It's hard to get a job in the future , I want to teach myself another programming language that is better for employment now .
At present, considering that sophomore and junior involve textual research , For the time being c++ and java Choose between , Which one is better for employment ?

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Ha ha ha , It seems that many people recommend java Let me tell you my story !

The first programming language I came into contact with was Java, It was a few days after the college entrance examination , Because I didn't find a summer job , Just feel for yourself and play , A newborn cottage , I can't learn the object-oriented part anymore , I can't understand the idea of object-oriented , After finding a summer job, I suspended java Learning from , Start a work trip .
Volunteered to choose a college . After entering freshman year , Start working with a second programming language :C Language ; My teacher is a senior boss who has just changed his career from an enterprise to be a teacher , But since he is a teacher for the first time , Lack of teaching experience , By the end of the term ,C Language just talked about two-dimensional arrays , I won't talk about it , Start reviewing the final exam .
In the second semester , Begin to learn Java, I also began to learn with the teacher , But I still can't understand the idea of object-oriented , On the contrary, I feel very much about the process oriented thought , So I made an important decision in my life : Give up learning java, Transfer C Language .
I said that before ,C Language learning is just a little superficial , then , I started collecting learning videos online , Follow the video and learn from scratch C Language ; Of course, I give up completely Java Of course. , I didn't listen to what the teacher said in class , The same is true in class in the computer room . in the course of time , I will almost C I've learned all the basic knowledge of language .
Twinkling of an eye , Time comes to the first semester of sophomore year , Course or study Java, Here I made the second decision in my life , Begin to learn C++. Because I've been studying all year Java, I'm also beginning to feel that object-oriented languages may be really important , I found out on the Internet that ,C++ It's also an object-oriented language , But also C An updated version of the language , So I decided to go to school C++. It's a coincidence , about C++ I can understand the idea of object-oriented !
Time comes to the second semester of sophomore year , Because it happened to be an epidemic , Don't go back to school , Start online classes . Online classes at home give me a lot of time to C++ Learning from , And basically C++ I've learned all my grammar . Of course , In the process of learning, I have been thinking about a problem , I've been studying for so long C++, How to use it ? Later I thought , What I lack is an interface , One ui Interface ; toss and turn restlessly , Through the understanding of the Internet , I have learned that QT Language is in C++ Developed on the basis of ,QT Is a programming language with an interface , Its grammar and C++ type , Almost the same as . So , The third important decision of my life , Begin to learn QT,GUI Interface programming .
The second semester of sophomore year is almost over , The school informs you to go back to school , Be prepared to leave school for an internship . After returning to school , I'm also busy looking for a job , I seldom study again . Of course , Interns always run into a wall when looking for a job , Invested in many , Several interviews , I don't want my , I also feel that the salary is low and the address is far away . Almost all the jobs I've invested in are C++ Of a position , Also have Java Of a position . Last , But I went to a school to recruit C# Language development company internship , The monthly salary is more than 3000 , Don't buy five insurances and one fund , You need to get a diploma before you can become a regular and buy .
At this time , I realized , It doesn't matter to learn any language , The most important thing is to learn , Because many positions are needed, you will this , Will that , I almost hope you are omnipotent .
Of course , After starting the internship , I have to start changing hands to learn C# Language , however , I didn't give up either QT Language , I also use my off-duty time , Continue to study in the company QT Language , Continue to study yourself .
Up to now , You can go back to school to get your diploma in a few days , My internship is coming to an end . Now I'm also considering whether to transfer to C++ perhaps QT Development field , Because that's what I like !

Said so much , I just want to tell you , At present, you are still a student , The most important thing is to find something you like to learn , To study , A little experience from his research , So you go out and look for a job , Even if the job you find is not related to the language you learn , The language you use when you transfer to another job will be much easier . As I have , There is a certain C/C++、QT Basics , Spent more than a month studying in the company C# Language , Also on the C# Language has a certain understanding , Although it's not very deep , But it's all right to do some simple development !
Okay , Let me say so much , The rest is up to you !

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Decisive is Java Of , There are many jobs

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java Relatively good employment , For now java There are many jobs in development , And it is also relatively short of people , In addition, I can engage in some sidelines after work , Help others write , Write system, etc ..., be relative to c It's less , If you like playing games, you can consider choosing c Language , But playing games is rarely used c 了

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Don't choose java, If we choose, we will not be friends but enemies .

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JAVA More popular , The Internet age continues ......

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java Use more , But if you like embedded development , Want to connect things \ Game development and so on , You can choose c

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future C/C++ The future is very good .

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Java Language as 20 For years, it has not fallen out of the top five stable languages in the language list , And now 90% About the server programming language is still Java Language , So I still recommend Java Of , Whether from the perspective of future employment ( At present, there are many jobs ), From the perspective of future salary ( You can basically get 8K Pay around ), Still very competitive ;
And I taught myself Java, You can go, too B Station looking for resources , There are many free Java Video tutorial , I taught myself by following the video of dark horse programmer , It feels good !

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