Oracle relative path absolute path

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oracle relative path absolute path

create or replace directory DIR_EXCEL as '/opt/leasing';

oracle database plsql developer Create a directory in
The above statement should establish a relative path , What is the relative directory ?

create or replace directory DIR_EXCEL as 'D:\TEST';

Is this an absolute directory ?

Are both directories valid ?

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All absolute paths , But whether it works or not has nothing to do with absolute relativity . DIR_EXCEL Is the logical directory in the database ,/opt/leasing,D:\TEST This corresponds to the physical directory on the database server , Statements can be created on , But only when a physical directory exists , Only logical directories are available .


Other answers 2:

'/opt/leasing' It's the absolute path .linux in / It's the root directory .

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All absolute paths , about Oracle Of directory Come on Only absolute paths can be recognized Your doubts are mainly about linux and windows I'm not familiar with the file directory , You can see linux File system

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