Kafka manager is a powerful open source plug-in Kafka manager suitable for operation and maintenance

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kafka manager powerful open source

      Didi's open source plug-in is better than Yahoo's CMAK(kafkamanager), More features , Personally, I think it is more suitable for operation and maintenance personnel .  

  First of all, the management and control platform mainly has two user perspectives , Respectively :

  1. Ordinary users : Standing in use Kafka Use the angle of kafka-manager;
  2. Administrators : Stand in the use and management Kafka Angle in use kafka-manager;

  Next, we will explain the functions and usage of the platform from the dimensions of these two users .

1. Ordinary users

1.1 Account acquisition and login

  • Ask the administrator to provide the account number of ordinary users ;
  • Enter your account number and password , Sign in kafka-manager;

1.2 Topic apply

  • Step one : Click on "Topic apply " Button apply Topic;
  • Step two : Fill in the application information ;
  • Step three : Waiting for the approval of the operation and maintenance personnel or administrator ;

Topic Application completed :

1.3 Topic Information view

The information that ordinary users can view includes :

  • colony Topic List and my favorite Topic list ;
  • Topic essential information (Topic Creation and modification time 、Topic Data storage time 、Topic The person in charge, etc );
  • Topic Zone information ;
  • Topic Consumer group information and consumer group consumption details ;
  • Topic real time & Historical traffic information ;
  • Topic Data sampling ;

Topic Detailed information interface :

1.4 Topic Operation and maintenance

What ordinary users can do Topic The operation and maintenance includes :

  • apply Topic Capacity expansion
  • Reset consumption offset ;

1.5 Alarm configuration

kafka-manager Alarm configuration , Support only Lag/BytesIn/BytesOut These three types of alarms , At the same time, after the alarm is triggered , The alarm message will be sent to the designated Topic( Please contact the administrator for details ). The user needs to actively consume the alarm Topic Or the administrator accesses the data to the external notification system , For example, access SMS notification or telephone notification .

Alarm rule configuration interface :

1.6 Password change

Password modification interface :

2. Administrator

2.1 Account acquisition and login

  • The default administrator account password is admin/admin( See database for details account surface );

2.2 Add clusters

After login , We need to build Kafka Cluster added to kafka-manager in .

add to Kafka Cluster interface :

2.3 Monitoring indicators

2.3.1 Cluster dimension indicators

  • Basic information of cluster ;
  • Cluster history and real-time traffic information ;
  • colony Topic Information ;
  • colony Broker Information ;
  • colony ConsumerGroup Information ;
  • colony Region Information ;
  • The cluster is currently Controller And change history ;

Cluster dimension monitoring indicator interface :

2.3.2 Broker Dimension indicators

  • Broker essential information ;
  • Broker Historical and real-time traffic information ;
  • Broker Inside Topic Information ;
  • Broker Internal partition information ;
  • Broker Key indicators ( Log disk brushing time, etc );
  • Topic analysis (Topic Flow proportion, etc );

Broker Dimension monitoring indicator interface :

2.3.3 Topic Dimension indicators

Resource approval interface :

  • On the basis of ordinary users , Add show Topic Of Broker Information ;

    2.3.4 Other dimension indicators

  • What specific items are consumed by the consumption group Topic;

  • 2.4 Cluster operation and maintenance management

  • Topic Application and expansion work order approval ;
  • Topic establish 、 Delete 、 Capacity expansion and attribute modification ;
  • Broker Dimension priority replica election ;
  • Partition granularity migration ;
  • Logic Region management ;

2.5 User management

Add, delete, modify and check users ;

User management interface :

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