There are too many zombie processes under the Linux top command. How do you know which process caused it

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zombie processes linux command. command

top Command view , Show that 4 Thousands of zombie processes , So this is caused by that program , How to check image.png

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Hello! , Zombie processes occur because the parent process does not reclaim the resources of the child process , that , We need to get rid of them , We have to find their roots , That is, find the parent process , Then solve in the parent process . The general troubleshooting process is as follows :

Find zombie processes :ps -aux | grep Z image.png

Find the parent of the zombie process :ps -ef | grep Subprocesses pid image.png

Kill the parent process :kill -s 9 The parent process pid image.png Be careful : If it is an application process written by the user , To check the source code, locate the code segment that generated the zombie process .

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