What's the difference between flightboot and springboot

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difference flightboot springboot

flutter and springboot What's the difference?


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They are not the technical framework of the same field .

Flutter It's Google's mobile UI frame , You can quickly iOS and Android Build a high quality native user interface on . Flutter Can work with existing code . In the world ,Flutter Is being used by more and more developers and organizations , also Flutter It's completely free 、 Open source .

springboot As a back-end technology framework .flutter combination Spring boot Development app:https://blog.csdn.net/qq_41438223/article/details/106054677?utm_source=app&app_version=4.10.0

Other answers 2:

flutter Is it a front-end frame ,sb Is the back-end

Other answers 3:

flutter It is a front-end framework of the platform , Used to write app;springboot yes java Medium web frame , Used to build the server
The cell phone we're using app Can be flutter To write , app Registration and login data interaction function , Can be springboot Realization

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