How to learn Java? Recommended books? Please let me know!

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learn java recommended books let

I am a student at school , I like programming very much from childhood , I have read some books before , learn by oneself , But there was no goal at that time , So very confused , Didn't seriously learn , The books are already covered with dust ,. Now I just feel very silly before, hahaha , Then now there is a very clear goal , So I want to know self-study Java What are the books from the beginning to the end , And experienced leaders hope to give me some advice . I know the road of self-study is very difficult , But I will still stick to it , I hope the big guys can give me advice , Tell me a lesson Java The route of the , Thank you. !

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Reading is not recommended for self-study , According to the catalogue, go online to watch video exercises , I'll give you a job in a higher vocational college Java Web Direction learning advice

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The first phase :
Web design and production
SQLServer Database foundation
JAVA Language programming

The second phase :
Oracle database

The third phase :
Spring+Spring MVC

The fourth phase :
Spring Boot
Spring Cloud

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java Learning is divided into three stages ,javase javaee javaweb
javaSE In fact, that is java Basics , Buy a copy of java Basic books , Watching relevant videos makes learning more efficient
javaEE Is to start the database and java Related operations of ,jdbc-servlet
javaWeb In fact, it also belongs to javaEE, It can be understood as java Framework phase of
Study java It's not enough. , You also need to understand or use the foundation of the front end ,html+css+js
In addition, the front-end frame , Suggested learning vue that will do , Database must learn orcale+mysql sqlserver Selected studies , Non relational database redis and ES It's best to know
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You can watch some video courses ,Java Focus on the following knowledge points :
1. Basic knowledge of
2. Object oriented idea , encapsulation , Inherit , polymorphic
3. exception handling
4. Collections and tool classes
5. Input and output IO flow
6. Database operation , Multithreading , Network communication, etc

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If you want to learn, I suggest watching videos , There are many online videos , Wait until you know something about it , However, I feel that the domestic teaching materials are not very good

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