Navicat remote connection to Oracle: error, ora-28547: connection to server failed, probable Oracle net admin error

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navicat remote connection oracle error

Problem analysis

Use navicat Remote connection to the company's oracle The database reported the following error , Stuck for a long time .
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oci.dll Version inconsistency .
because Navicat It's through Oracle Client connection Oracle Server's ,Oracle There are two types of clients , One is the standard version , One is the simple version , namely Oracle Install Client.
And we use Navicat when It usually contains multiple versions of... In its own installation path OCI, If you use Navicat Connect Oracle The server appears ORA-28547 When it's wrong , Mostly because Navicat The local OCI Version and Oracle Caused by server mismatch . So all we have to do is download OCI Make it similar to what we installed Oracle Server match .


OCI stay Oracl Download address on the official website


1. Select the corresponding version

Version Description : When you find the reason on the Internet , Many people say that no matter what their computer is 32 Bit , still 64 Bit , Can only download 32 Bit . Test and solve it yourself : Find out 32 Bit is still not connected , Another mistake :oracle library is not loaded. Later it was replaced by 64 Bits can be connected correctly .
This should be connected to oracle The version of has something to do with , Here I'll tell you the version of my successful connection for your reference : Computer :win10 64 position ,navicat:v12.0 Green decompression version ,OCI: The latest version downloaded from the official website ,windows64, Connected company oracle:64 11 edition
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2. With windows64 Position as an example

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Before downloading, you need to log in to your oracle account number , Without following the prompts, just register step by step .

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3. Put the downloaded file locally

Don't have : chinese , Space , Special characters, etc
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4. open navicat Replace the file

Tools — Options — Environmental Science
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Select the path of the file just below .dll file
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Be careful : Then click the OK button , Remember to restart navicat, Connecting oracle test , Generally, the connection can be successful at this time .
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