Undertake relevant previous SpringMVC Process analysis of framework technology

Initialization flow (initStrategies)

Execute the process

Find relevant HandlerMapping

Ask to DispatcherServlet Class to perform related HandlerMapping aggregate , Find the corresponding type of HandlerMapping Object implementation class , If it is general, use notes (@RequestMapping) Injected implementation class (RequestMappingHandlerMapping) class ,

HandlerMapping Implementation class RequestMappingHandlerMapping object

find Spring In the container @Controller/@RestController annotated bean And being @RequestMapping Annotated classes and methods .

HandlerMapping Attribute HandlerMethod object

HandlerMethod yes Method as well as Parameter Of helper class. stay HandlerMapping Constructed in ,

And in HandlerAdapter Is used in .

HandlerExecutionChain object

When the corresponding HandlerMapping After the implementation class of the object , Next, return to DispatcherServlet Class object , Need to build or get relevant HandlerExecutionChain object , There are many additional components inside , for example :interceptor Interceptor .

HandlerAdapter object

according to HandlerExecutionChain Medium Handler, In the corresponding HandlerAdapter Collection found support for this Handler Of HandlerAdapter, Call related HandlerMethod Object methods , Use HandlerAdapter obtain ModelAndView Object returns to DispatcherServlet.


Find the corresponding RequestMapping Of HandlerAdapter Object implementation class RequestMappingHandlerAdapter Object operation processing .

HandlerInterceptor Interceptor
  • Front interceptor :HandlerInterceptor-preHandle
  • Post blocker :HandlerInterceptor-postHandle
HandlerExceptionResolver exception handling

Exceptions may occur in the above operation processing methods , Use HandlerExceptionResolver Strategy solution .

RequestMappingHandlerAdapter Processing operation of

  • HandlerMethodArgumentResolverComposite: The object handles and contains multiple internal HandlerMethodArgumentResolver aggregate .

    • HandlerMethodArgumentResolver: Parsing mechanism for parsing related method entry parameters !
  • HandlerMethodReturnValueHandlerComposite: The object handles and contains multiple internal HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler aggregate .
    • HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler: The object handles and operates on the return value of the method

HandlerMethodArgumentResolver Parser for parameter entry


Handle @RequestParam The parameter modified by the annotation :HandlerMethodArgumentResolver One of the implementation classes of :RequestParamMethodArgumentResolver.


Handle @RequestBody The parameter modified by the annotation :HandlerMethodArgumentResolver Implementation class of

HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler Parameter returns the operation parser


Handle @ResponseBody Annotation decorated return value :HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler Implementation class of


The processing return value type is ModelAndView Object return value :HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler Implementation class of

ViewResolver view resolver

take ModelAndView Analyze and process the object data and data page template ViewResolver object , Generate relevant View object . And return the relevant response:freemarker, jsp. json, xml etc. .

HandlerInterceptor Close the deal

Finally complete the interceptor :afterCompletion Method of operation .

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