How to build an online book mall with Python through MySQL

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build online book mall python

How to use python adopt mysql Establish an online book Mall

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The question is too general , If you want to build a platform , Some... Are recommended web frame , Such as flask,django etc.
If it's hope online , It is recommended to buy an alicloud or other server .

1 Design database tables , Sort all the business tables , Then use... In the framework orm To automatically generate these database tables

2 build web frame , Get your system through some URL You can access

3 And then let web The framework connects to the database you create , Yes django Of model,flask Of sqlalchemy The data content can be read normally

4 understand mvc Principle , The return process from controller to view to template data has , You can add, delete, modify and query data

5 hold html css js Achieve what you need web Interface , You can build your book Mall .

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