If MySQL data is deleted by mistake, the recovery time is disordered through percona data recovery tool

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mysql data deleted mistake recovery

Because there are dozens of redundant data in the formal environment , You need to remove , Then write delete Wrong deletion , Then immediately check whether the server database has binlog, Found not open , So I stopped the server , hold .ibd The file was copied out , At the same time .frm Copy the file out , By looking up information , Found through percona-data-recovery-tool Tools can recover , So I installed this tool on my Alibaba cloud machine , First, ./page_parser -5 -f /path/to/answer.ibd take .ibd File extraction , Every 16K, Then on my Alibaba cloud mysql Pass the table structure over , Then create table links ./create_defs.pl --host= --user=root --password=123456 --db=zjtblog --table=answer > include/table_defs.h, then make, Finally, recover the data ./constraints_parser -D -5 -f pages-1625536196/FIL_PAGE_INDEX/0-128 >/tmp/answer.txt, Then I opened the recovered data, as shown in the figure


The time zone when the original data is inserted is GMT+8, This is in mybatis Set in the , The system time zone of the original server is still CTS, I think my Alibaba cloud time zone does not correspond to the data in the data , So I changed Alibaba cloud's system time zone to GMT+8, The result remains unchanged. , Or is the time out of order , because CTS More time than GMT+8 Bytes should be short , So the parsed data is misplaced as above , How to solve

Take the answer :

CST=GMT + 8 Hours
Difference between 8 Hours will not affect the effect as shown in the picture , It should be that the recovery time format is wrong , Or the parsed time format is incorrect

Other answers 2:

The data has recovered , But the server has another backup , This problem has not been solved yet , Are you interested in studying

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