Sword finger 2022 spring move notes directory

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sword finger spring notes directory

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Record the study notes before the spring move , Part of the video is not recorded , Please don't copy blindly

The reference blog is also written at the bottom of each blog , Thank you for your summary , So that latecomers can go further . I wish everyone can get a satisfactory offer


Learn Mr. Zuo Chengyun's algorithm class :

Watch suggestions and personal learning experience

Brush problem

Brush the questions in the order of code random record , Then summarize the template .

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【 Random Thoughts 1】 Find the specified location - Dichotomy

【 Random Thoughts 2】 Sliding window summary 1

【 Random Thoughts 3】 Sliding window summary 2

【 Random Thoughts 4 】 Various ways of printing matrices


  1. Algorithm [1] choice 、 Insert 、 Merger + Quick line up + Logarithmic apparatus
  2. Algorithm [2] Pile up 、 Bucket sort 、 Count sorting 、 Radix sorting
  3. Algorithm [3] Prefix tree 、 Linked list related topics
  4. Algorithm [4] Binary tree and its recursive routine
  5. Algorithm [5] Union checking set 、 chart
  6. Algorithm [6] recursive 、 Dynamic programming
  7. Algorithm [7] Violence recurs to dynamic programming
  8. Algorithm template [1] Binary tree ( Algorithm template combined with course summary )

Training camp

  1. Algorithm training camp 【1】 Monotonous stacks and windows
  2. Algorithm training camp 【2】 Recursion similar to Fibonacci sequence + Fast power
  3. Algorithm training camp 【3】 Reservoir algorithm +KMP Algorithm and its extension
  4. Algorithm training camp 【5】Manacher Algorithm and its extension
  5. Algorithm training camp 【6】Morris Traversal and its related extensions
  6. Not changed below , At present, I study about one section a week , Then brush leetcode Corresponding knowledge point exercises .
  7. Algorithm training camp 【7】 Line segment tree
  8. Algorithm training camp 【8】AC automata

Java- Containers

Java- Concurrent


database -Redis

  1. Redis[1] brief introduction 、 data structure 、 Application scenarios
  2. Redis[2] redis Configuration and distributed lock introduction
  3. Redis[3] Interview questions : Design distributed locks + The code implements the native distributed lock
  4. Redis[4] Case introduction + Cache breakdown 、 Cache avalanche 、 Cache penetration
  5. Redis[5] key When the policy expires 、 Realization lru Algorithm 、 Persistent configuration
  6. Redis[6] Master slave copy + Read / write separation
  7. Redis[7] Redis Node high availability monitoring Sentinel
  8. Redis[8] Redis6.X Node high availability Cluster colony
  9. Redis[9] Redis6 Introduction to core features

Basic computer knowledge - The Internet

Basic computer knowledge - operating system

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