How to write the following data to redis through jedis

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write following data redis jedis

"name": "NYZ_OptionCost",
"des": "aaa",
"value": 22.47297
"name": "SD_OptionCost",
"des": "bbb",
"value": 0
"name": "Demand_JFS",
"des": "ccc",
"value": 0

The data type is hash

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If help , Hope to adopt !, Look at your structure List What about the assembly , If you want to write Hash Type you need to add a key,value The value of is the set provided above , And then use HMSET The command sets one or more fields to Redis in , Such as :

Map<String, String> userProperties = new HashMap<String, String>(); userProperties.put("username", user.getUsername()); userProperties.put("firstName", user.getFirstName()); userProperties.put("lastName", user.getLastName()); userProperties.put("email", user.getEmail()); userProperties.put("password", user.getPassword()); jedis.hmset("user:" + user.getUsername(), userProperties);

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