What is the routing mode of rabbitmq?

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routing mode rabbitmq

RabbitMQ Of routing Routing mode , What is it ?

Take the answer 1:

1. The message producer sends the message to the switch according to the routing judgment , The route is a string (info) Currently generated messages carry routing characters ( Object method ), Switches are routed according to key, Only the upper route can be matched key Corresponding message queue , The corresponding consumer can consume the news ;

2. Define the routing string according to the business function

3. Get the corresponding function string from the system's code logic , Throw the message task into the corresponding queue .

4. Business scenario :error notice ;EXCEPTION; Function of error notification ; Error notification in traditional sense ; Customer notice ; utilize key route , Errors in the program can be encapsulated as messages passed into the message queue , Developers can customize consumers , Real time receive error .

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