What are the disadvantages of redis?

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disadvantages redis

Redis What are the disadvantages ?

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Database capacity is limited by physical memory , Cannot be used as high-performance read-write of massive data , therefore Redis Suitable scenarios are mainly limited to high-performance operations and operations with small amount of data .

Redis No automatic fault tolerance and recovery functions , The downtime of the host and slave will lead to the failure of the front-end read and write requests , You need to wait for the machine to restart or manually switch the front end IP To recover .

Host down , Before the outage, some data could not be synchronized to the slave in time , Switch IP After that, the problem of data inconsistency will be introduced , Reduced system availability .

Redis Difficult to support online capacity expansion , When the cluster capacity reaches the upper limit, online capacity expansion will become very complex . To avoid this problem , The operation and maintenance personnel must ensure enough space when the system is online , This is a great waste of resources .

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