Why is redis so fast?

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redis fast

Redis Why so soon? ?

Take the answer 1:

1、 Completely based on memory , Most requests are purely memory operations , Very fast . Data is in memory , Be similar to HashMap,HashMap The advantage is the time complexity of both the lookup and the operation O(1);

2、 The data structure is simple , It's also easy to manipulate data ,Redis The data structure in is specially designed ;

3、 Using single thread , Unnecessary context switches and race conditions are avoided , There is also no switching consumption caused by multiple processes or multiple threads CPU, You don't have to worry about locks , There is no lock release operation , There is no performance penalty due to possible deadlocks ;

4、 Using multiple channels I/O Reuse model , Non blocking IO;

5、 Using the underlying model is different , The underlying implementation and application protocols for communicating with clients are different between them ,Redis Build it yourself VM Mechanism , Because the normal system calls system functions , It's a waste of time moving and requesting ;

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