Introduction to redis [9] redis6 core features

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Redis6 Introduction to core features - Multithreading

new edition Redis6 Feature explanation

  • Multithreading support

    • redis6 Multithreading is only used to process the reading and writing of network data and protocol analysis , The underlying data operation is still single thread
    • Executing commands is still single threaded , The reason for this design is that we don't want to be complicated by multithreading , Need to control key、lua、 Business ,LPUSH/LPOP And so on
    • Not on by default
    io-threads-do-reads yes
    io-threads Number of threads
    • The official advice ( The number of threads is less than the number of machine cores )
      • 4 The recommended setting for the core machine is 2 or 3 Threads
      • 8 The recommended setting for kernel is 4 or 6 Threads ,
  • When multithreading is turned on , Whether there will be thread concurrency security issues ?

  • There will be no safety problems ,Redis The multithreading part is only used to process network data reading and writing and protocol parsing , The execution command is still executed in a single thread sequence .

acl Access control

Introduced ACL(Access Control List)

  • Previous redis There is no user concept ,redis6 Introduced acl
  • You can assign different permissions to each user to control permissions
  • Improve security by restricting access to commands and keys , So that untrusted clients cannot access
  • Improve operational safety , Prevent people from accessing the software or process by mistake Redis, Thus damaging data or configuration
  • file :
  • Common commands
    • acl list Currently enabled ACL The rules
    • acl cat List of supported permission classifications
    • acl cat hash Returns the command in the specified category
    • acl setuser Create and modify user commands
    • acl deluser Delete user command

Client cache

  • new edition Redis6 Feature explanation
    • client side caching Client cache
      • Similar to browser cache
        • The static file is updated on the server side ( Such as css、js、 picture ), Be able to get timely updates on the client , But I don't want the browser to get static resources from the server every request
        • Like the front end -Expires、Last-Modified、Etag Cache control
    • file :
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