In performance optimization, what tools can be used to troubleshoot online exceptions of Java applications or analyze application code bottlenecks?

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performance optimization tools used troubleshoot

In performance optimization , screening Java Application online exception or analysis of application code bottleneck , What tools can I use ?

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You can use Alibaba open source Arthas .Arthas Mainly for online application real-time diagnosis , The solution is something like 「 The online application is abnormal , Need to analyze and locate online 」 The problem of , Of course ,Arthas Some of the method call tracing tools provided , To investigate 「 The slow query 」 Other questions , It's also very helpful .Arthas The main functions provided are : Get thread Statistics , Such as lock statistics held by thread 、CPU Utilization statistics, etc ; Class loading information 、 Dynamic class loading 、 Method load information ; Call stack trace , Call time consumption statistics ; Method call parameters 、 Result test ; The system configuration 、 Application configuration information ; Decompile and load classes, etc .

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